• TEDxWarwick: Self Hate to Self Love

    Few sights are as inspiring as the coming together of a few hundred people to celebrate who they are and the way they look. “I am powerful. I am valuable.

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  • TEDxWarwick: A Warm Light for All Mankind

    On Saturday 3rd March, TEDxWarwick held their tenth annual conference: this year, themed ‘Dare to Defy’. GLOBUS’ correspondents were invited to cover the event. This piece will comprise the first

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  • Paris’ Miasma: The Pollution Plan

    Paris’ mayor, Anne Hidalgo, has an ambitious plan to drastically reduce the French capital’s air pollution and carbon footprint. France’s largest city, Paris, is one of the most polluted urban

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  • GLOBUS: Be a Change-Maker

    Share your thoughts, and inspire: we’d love to hear from you! globuswarwick.com/apply editor@globuswarwick.com   Header Image: Photo by Oscar Keys on Unsplash

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  • Climate Realism: Non-science, or nonsense?

    Contributions by Dr. Alastair Smith, Senior Teaching Fellow of the Global Sustainable Development Division at the University of Warwick Editorial Note: GLOBUS, its Members, and where applicable its Guest Writers,

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  • Big Butt Problems

    Big Butt Problems: Why and How to Deal with Toxic Cigarette Litter by Valeria Reinoso, Climate Reality Campus Corps Allow me to try and read your mind. Why on Earth

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  • Environmental Sustainability: The Debate

    Note from the Editor Who are Warwick Blackout? If you find yourself asking that question, scroll on down to the end of this article, and watch our introductory interview with

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  • WES: Universal Basic Income

    At the recent Warwick Economics Summit, Professor Guy Standing (co-founder of the Basic Income Earth Network) challenged the key merits of capitalism by discrediting the ‘free’ nature of free markets,

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  • Where is the EU heading?

    Where is the EU heading? An insight from the Warwick Economics Summit, with Mario Monti Have you ever wondered about the future of the EU post-Brexit referendum? What about how

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  • A Message from the Mother of the Revolution

    A Message from the ‘Mother of the Revolution’: Tawakkol Karman at the Warwick Economic Summit Tawakkol Karman brought real zeal, spirit and an infectious dynamism to the Warwick Economic Summit

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