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Chinese Imperialism: A Knife in the Back of Sustainable Development

Bismarck remarked after the Berlin Conference of 1885 that “he who controls Africa will control Europe”. This chauvinistic war cry came to define the 19th and 20th Century ‘Scramble for Africa’, with European powers waging battle for imperial control over African nations. The flag bearer of this hypermasculine discourse, however, is decentralising from Europe: imperialism has assumed a new form.

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What it means to be working class and sustainable in London

by Rheanna Mathurin, GLOBUS Correspondent At the forefront of finance, development and politics, London is undoubtedly one of the most influential cities in the world. It is therefore also at the forefront of the on-going battle of ingraining sustainable practices into everyday life. These practices are not completely missing – they are often documented within environmental reports and social responsibility

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A case study of Singapore: A garden city that is not so green

Back in 1967, just two years after Singapore’s independence, the then Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew introduced his vision for Singapore to become a “Garden City”, aspiring to “integrate greenery into the built environment” and Singaporeans’ daily lives. This involved planting many trees and creating new parks.  Today, in 2018, walking down the tree-lined streets of even the busiest shopping

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Diet for the planet: cut the carbon not the carbs!

The author would like to thank Dr. Alastair Smith, Senior Teaching Fellow of the Global Sustainable Development Division at the University of Warwick, for his valued comments On first visit to a supermarket in the United Kingdom, I was surprised to find unfamiliar food sourced from a variety of countries. Born in Japan, I was used to domestically produced food,

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A Colonial Carol: The Hypocritical Basis for Sustainable Development

“The west was built on racism” – Kehinde Andrews [1] A bold statement, but one that is completely necessary and valid in its assertion. As I will outline, not only is the West built on racism, it is sustained by the remnants of neo-colonialism and dependent on the pillaging of the African continent. Stemming from this ideal, I have identified

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