Covid-19: What must we learn?

By Naomi Harris, GLOBUS Correspondent  The spread of Coronavirus has changed every aspect of our daily lives. The destruction it has caused to individuals, families and friends has been devastating. In no way do I want to disregard that fundamental fact. COVID-19 has been one of humanity’s greatest trials, and no number of positives can outweigh... Continue Reading →

Can Venice’s Climate Emergency be used as a Catalyst for Action?

By Globus Correspondent, Lucia Mollea Venice is regarded by many as a must-see. It's historic buildings, dreamy canals, and famous “gondole”, hand-driven boats, have made tourists contemplate the timeless beauty of the city for centuries. Unfortunately, in recent decades, Venice and its population have been increasingly suffering from the brutal effects of climate change, particularly sea-level rising, or... Continue Reading →

An Introduction to Guerrilla Gardening

By GLOBUS Correspondent, Gwendolyn Tan This is the second piece within GLOBUS' new series 'Sixty-Second Sustainability'. Within this piece, GLOBUS Correspondent Gwendolyn Tan provides insight on the phenomena 'guerrilla gardening', and all the benefits this grassroots movement helps to sow. “Let’s fight the filth with forks and flowers”Richard Reynolds, Guerrilla Gardener This story did not... Continue Reading →

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