Meet the TEAM!

The Editorial Board

Amy Denton- Editor-in-chief

Hi! I’m Amy, the Editor-in-Chief here at GLOBUS. Beyond GLOBUS, my passions lie in learning about and finding sustainable ways to combat the issues facing our world – be that food shortages, the increasing waste from industries such as cosmetics or electronics, or the worrying levels of ocean warming we are now seeing take place. In my free time I enjoy travelling to new places both near and far, watching movies, and cooking. ⠀

Eszter Vlasits – Deputy Editor

Hi! I’m Eszter, and I am the Deputy Editor-in-Chief of GLOBUS. As a Global Sustainable Development student, my main interests are focused around climate change, and the structural difficulties that make it such an incredibly complex challenge. I believe that some of the keys to changing the way sustainability problems are viewed are education and communication, which is why I am dedicated to writing. In my free time I am always up for a hike or listening to some good music. If I look familiar, you might have seen me in the Library Cafe on campus making your third cup of coffee of the day (and visibly failing at latte art…sorry).

Nadia Rauf – Assistant Editor and Podcast Support Officer

Hi! I’m Nadia, a Global Sustainable Development and Business student, the Podcast Support Officer and an Assistant Editor GLOBUS. My main interests within sustainable development lie within inequalities, conflict and the refugee crisis. Outside of GLOBUS and my university degree, you can find me skydiving, volunteering, colouring my hair or testing out new cocktails.

Bel Govier (they/them)- Assistant Editor and Campaigns Manager

Hey, I’m Bel and I’m the Assistant Editor and Campaigns Manager at GLOBUS! I love learning about social sustainability issues, such as human rights movements and humanitarian crises. I’m happy to be a part of this team and to have found a creative outlet for my passion outside of my Economics and Global Sustainable Development degree. Music really relaxes me, so if I’m not studying or working on something for a society, I’m probably singing or listening to music while I draw. 

Ifa Latifa – Assistant Editor and Sustainability News Officer

Hi there! I’m Ifa, an Assistant Editor and the Sustainability News Officer for GLOBUS. My interests lie in the use of design thinking and social innovation to enhance the sustainability of our society. Beyond my interests in global sustainable development and politics, I enjoy travelling around the world and am a regular participant at Warwick Volunteers’ events!

Todd Olive- Podcast host

Hello! I’m Todd, postgraduate student in Global Sustainable Development, former Editor-in-Chief here at GLOBUS and now host of our podcast, Beyond the Story. My core interests are in tackling the Climate Crisis, bridging the gap between academia and society, and understanding, evaluating, and challenging paradigms of “sustainability”, as well as how we see sustainability challenges (mis)represented in political spheres. I’m at GLOBUS in my current role because I believe that empowering young people to explore the challenges of today is the very best way we can get ahead of the problems of tomorrow, and create a better world for everyone.

Sakeena Rajpal- Communications and Events Officer 

Hi! I’m Sakeena, and I’m the Communications and Events Officer at GLOBUS. My role will involve organising more amazing socials and events, as well as helping GLOBUS to maximise its outreach. As a Global Sustainable Development student, I’m interested in how the concept of sustainability can be applied in an interdisciplinary manner, across multiple sectors to solve world issues. I also have a passion for sustainability from a human rights and social justice perspective. In my free time, you will either find me at the ice rink, in dance class, or working on some creative writing!

Isha Shukla- Marketing Executive

Hi! I’m Isha, and I am a Hispanic Studies undergraduate and a Marketing Executive here at GLOBUS. I have always been determined to enable sustainability as much as I can and doing a climate module in second year further opened my eyes to the countless issues that our world is facing and how living sustainably can make an enormous difference. This is a message I really hope to get through to the world. I love travelling, cooking, learning new languages and immersing myself in different cultures; currently doing my year abroad in Sevilla which is great fun!

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