What Role do Institutions Play in Climate Change Mitigation?

by Hrishita Rangoonwala, GSD and Business Studies Correspondent University: Experience that impacts character building in amplitudes that few institutions can come to par with. Generating a sense of personal responsibility towards climate change mitigation in youth is a small yet important piece in the green technology and progressive public policy development puzzles. Universities are a... Continue Reading →

How Podcasts Can Help Our Mental Health

By Virginia Thomas-Pickles, GLOBUS Correspondent 2020 was a difficult year, taking a huge toll on the mental health of so many people. Data published by the Office of National Statistics shows the British population felt increased anxiousness, reduced life satisfaction, and reduced happiness since the beginning of the pandemic when compared to pre-pandemic data.   This is especially true... Continue Reading →

A Guide To Sustainable Food Shopping

By Natalia Tronina, our GLOBUS Correspondent There were many things I was concerned about when coming to the University. Homesickness, work overload and shared bathroom - are just a few to mention. Never would I expect them to be overshadowed by the abundance of British plastics.  Now, I wonder what picture I brought in front of you. We hear every day about the bottles... Continue Reading →

Sustainable Student Living: Sport and Fitness

By Alicia Siddons, GLOBUS Assistant Editor “Two sheets of paper and a couple sprays are all you need”  Cleaning stations stocked with blue roll paper and disinfectant sprays are stationed in each section of the gym. I follow the advice, measure two sheets of paper, three sprays (because, you know, I’m being cautious) and I wander to the spin bike.... Continue Reading →

Sustainable Student Living: Student Houses

By Naomi Harris, GLOBUS Correspondent By the end of term two, admittedly, the initial excitement university halls had worn off. In my case, sharing a tiny kitchen with 12 people became impractical, shared bathrooms were tiresome, and you realise how much you missed being able to collapse onto a sofa and watch some telly at... Continue Reading →

Sustainable Student Living: Burnout

By Lucy Jordan, GLOBUS Deputy Editor Burnout: a student's fateful friend. Whether it's those increasingly heavy eyes in the library, frequent TLC Netflix binges, or sudden overwhelming bursts of dread, usually of everything and nothing at all, we all grow accustomed to its everyday fatigue. But, what happens when we neglect to nurture these early... Continue Reading →

Sustainable Student Living: Composting

By Angelo Balagtas, GLOBUS Correspondent As a Global Sustainable Development student, I am constantly attempting to realise opportunities to become more sustainable. That, and with the onslaught of articles on the consequences of unsustainable practices, I am urged to take more steps. With the opportunity of having just moved into our new house in Leamington... Continue Reading →

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