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GLOBUS: Beyond the Story takes a deeper look into topical sustainability commentary from correspondents here at GLOBUS Warwick. Here we discuss the challenges of today, and the solutions of tomorrow. Come and give it a listen!

Space – The Final Frontier?

“We can finally try and achieve something that we have wondered about for centuries… But the question is should we really?”

As the climate and biodiversity crises become increasingly urgent, some have suggested that the future of humanity may lie among the stars… But is space the final frontier? In the first ever episode of GLOBUS: Beyond the Story, host Todd Olive and GLOBUS correspondent Eszter Vlasits dive into the divisive question: should we really ditch a dying planet for a sci-fi future – or should we look for solutions a bit closer to home?

Read Eszter’s article here

Are We Addicted To Environmental Harm?

“How can we solve an issue when we’re not looking at it from a human point of view?”

In the second episode of Beyond the Story, we’re joined by GLOBUS assistant editor Laura Chevrot to discuss the role of human psychology in the Climate Crisis. How much of the crisis can be attributed to our innate psychological characteristics? And can psychology explain why some people fail to take action? Listen now to join the conversation!

Read Laura’s article here

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