Ditch the Bleach: Tips for Eco-Cleaning

By Amy Denton, Editor-in-Chief of GLOBUS I have recently delved into the world of eco-cleaning, and I find it fascinating! Whilst chemicals in household cleaners should be safe if used correctly, research suggests that long-term exposure to cleaning chemicals can cause respiratory issues like asthma or in severe cases could even decrease lung functionality. So,... Continue Reading →

A Quick Intro to Nature-Based Solutions to Climate Change

by Amy Denton, Assistant Editor Inspired by Dr Fiona Nunan's talk entitled ‘Power-sharing for nature-based solutions to climate change', delivered at the TED Countdown event organised by TEDxWarwick and GLOBUS. Nature-based solutions (NBS) are actions and policies that protect, manage and restore ecosystems to address socio-environmental challenges, and are being used more and more in... Continue Reading →

The Dangers of Voluntourism and How To Avoid It

by Faye Palmer, GLOBUS Correspondent What is voluntourism? International volunteering can be an excellent cultural exchange with many positive outcomes for both the host community and the volunteer. However, some profit-driven volunteering companies do not have the intentions of the local community at heart, which can lead to more harmful consequences than good. Voluntourism is... Continue Reading →

oil on troubled water

By Katy Greco, Assistant Editor of GLOBUS It is an understatement to say the oil has changed the world; it has built economies, revolutionized travel and transformed production. But, it has also caused wars, health crises and environmental disasters. How can something be so powerful yet so problematic?    What actually is oil?!  Petroleum (AKA crude... Continue Reading →

What the frack?

Explaining fracking - and why it's a cause for concern By Katy Greco, GLOBUS Correspondent Fracking. You’ve undoubtedly heard this term (and probably giggled) but what actually is it? Well, porous, low-permeability rocks (like sandstone and shale) act as a kind of chamber for natural gases, oil and other hydrocarbons that can be used for... Continue Reading →

The Problematics of Sustainable Packaging

By Lucia Mollea, GLOBUS Correspondent The Coronavirus pandemic has changed the dynamics of consumerism and trade. More and more, people of different ages and background have started to rely on shipments and online shopping, abandoning the traditional in-person kind of shopping. While shipment was popular already before the pandemic especially for non-essential goods, online purchases have now... Continue Reading →

Defining Sustainability in the Digital Realm

By Angelo Balagtas, GLOBUS Correspondent As of late, sustainability has seemingly become a buzzword. It then begs the question, what is it? Searching the definition of sustainability brings up the following simple definitions: Wikipedia: Sustainability is the ability to exist constantly. In the 21st century, it refers generally to the capacity for the biosphere and... Continue Reading →

Calculating Your Carbon Footprint

By Gwendolyn Tan, GLOBUS Correspondent In the wake of all the newspaper headlines warning us about the impacts of climate change - predicting that the point of no return is upon us - it seems like the world we live in is extremely bleak and scary. Nevertheless, if you're determined to turn the tide a... Continue Reading →

Haircare Sustainability

By Angelo Balagtas, GLOBUS Correspondent It’s been said that your hair is your crown. It’s then unsurprising that we love to take good care of our hair. We may forget in these efforts, however, that we maybe forming unsustainable habits. In fact, did you know that a 10-minute shower can use the same amount of... Continue Reading →

The Case for Electric Vehicles

By Anna Hardisty, GLOBUS Correspondent Whether or not you’re a car fanatic, it would’ve been rather difficult to avoid spotting the increasing popularity of electric cars. From snazzy adverts and subsides to the increasingly common presence of charging points at fuel stations, their rapid growth is expected to continue, with the National Grid forecasting a... Continue Reading →

Carbon Offsetting: Who are we kidding?

By Tori Keene, GlOBUS Assistant Editor Is carbon offsetting truly cancelling out our emissions, or just our own guilt? By dictionary definition, a ‘Carbon Offset’ is ‘an action or activity (such as the planting of trees or carbon sequestration) that compensates for the emission of carbon dioxide or other greenhouse gases to the atmosphere’ - a... Continue Reading →

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