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Student Sustainability Journal for the 21st Century

GLOBUS is a student-run online publication at the School for Cross-Faculty Studies, University of Warwick. Founded in early 2015 by staff from the School, GLOBUS was taken over by students from the Global Sustainable Development degree programme following the launch of the groundbreaking course in September 2016. You can read more about our links and the department itself here.

Our Mission

Our central theme underpins all of our futures: sustainability. Whether through the expansive lens of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals or through our own mind’s eye, we believe that sustainability as a state of mind holds the key to many of the 21st Century’s most critical challenges: climate change, global inequality, and ‘post-truth’ politics, to name just a few. Here at GLOBUS, we provide a platform and a network for our team to explore all aspects of sustainability, spanning social, economic, and environmental topics, and we pride ourselves on the infinite geographies of our work: from the national issue of Trumpism in the US, up to the global threat of climate change denial, and down to the ways in which student houses can be made more sustainable, no question is too big, and no challenge is too small.

Our discourse is student-led, with diversity as a fundamental value: not only of race, religion, or gender, but of discipline and style, too – from in depth and thought provoking discussion pieces, to our two specialist series (Sixty Second Sustainability and Sustainable Student Living), which both aim to make sustainability relatable and accessible to our main audience: students. 

Above all else, GLOBUS is a platform to provoke thought and discussion. We hope that GLOBUS is a place that people can come to access knowledge and thoughts on a multitude of sustainability issues, all from a student voice.

The Editorial Board

Sara Azeem – Editor-in-Chief

Hi, I’m Sara, the Editor-in-Chief here at GLOBUS. My main interests lie in exploring the various interdependencies of sustainability in different spheres (especially the politics of energy and food systems) and their evolution over time. As an Economics and GSD student, sustainability takes up the majority of my thoughts, but apart from that, I’m usually thinking up the next best route to run, or training Muay Thai any chance I can get! ⠀

Katy Greco – Deputy Editor

Hello there! I’m Katy, deputy editor at GLOBUS. I’m passionate about raising awareness of, and educating people to, environmental and social issues. As a Psychology student, I’m particularly interested in psychological aspects of sustainability – especially in the realms of climate change denial and cognitive dissonance. Aside from being an eco-hippy, I’m also interested in 3D art and CGI, making music, and video editing!

Amy Denton – Assistant Editor

Hi! I’m Amy, an assistant editor at GLOBUS. Beyond GLOBUS, my passions lie in learning about and finding sustainable ways to combat the issues facing our world – be that food shortages, the increasing waste from industries such as cosmetics or electronics, or the worrying levels of ocean warming we are now seeing take place. In my free time I enjoy travelling to new places both near and far, watching movies, and cooking. 

Laura Chevrot – Assistant Editor

Hi! I’m Laura, an Assistant Editor for GLOBUS. I find people and their thought process fascinating, and I love listening to different perspectives on sustainability and bringing them together. You’d probably spot me on a walk in the forests and fields around campus or starting yet another new project or hobby.

The Marketing Team

Jacob Gagg – Marketing Director

Hi! I’m Jacob and I am the Marketing Director here at GLOBUS. As a PAIS student, I get to learn a lot about the way our world works and how it responds to crises, so being part of the GLOBUS team allows me to explore this in depth and bring the issues facing us all today to attention. I love design and digital art so, when I’m not doing work for my degree, you’ll probably find me on some creative endeavour. Either that or filling my friends in on all the local political drama.

Joanne Hupertan – Assistant Marketing Director

Hi, I’m Joanne, an assistant marketing director at GLOBUS!! I’m really interested in learning and discovering new and innovative ways to reduce litter and plastic pollution in general. Alongside sustainability, I can often be found at the swimming pool practicing lifesaving as well as on walks around campus and Leamington!!

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