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Student Sustainability Journal for the 21st Century

GLOBUS is a student-run online publication at the School for Cross-Faculty Studies, University of Warwick. Founded in early 2015 by staff from the School, GLOBUS was taken over by students from the Global Sustainable Development degree programme following the launch of the groundbreaking course in September 2016. You can read more about our links and the department itself here.

Our Mission

Our central theme underpins all of our futures: sustainability. Whether through the expansive lens of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals or through our own mind’s eye, we believe that sustainability as a state of mind holds the key to many of the 21st Century’s most critical challenges: climate change, global inequality, and ‘post-truth’ politics, to name just a few. Here at GLOBUS, we provide a platform and a network for our team to explore all aspects of sustainability, spanning social, economic, and environmental topics, and we pride ourselves on the infinite geographies of our work: from the national issue of Trumpism in the US, up to the global threat of climate change denial, and down to the ways in which student houses can be made more sustainable, no question is too big, and no challenge is too small.

Our discourse is student-led, with diversity as a fundamental value: not only of race, religion, or gender, but of discipline and style, too – from in depth and thought provoking discussion pieces, to our two specialist series (Sixty Second Sustainability and Sustainable Student Living), which both aim to make sustainability relatable and accessible to our main audience: students. 

Above all else, GLOBUS is a platform to provoke thought and discussion. We hope that GLOBUS is a place that people can come to access knowledge and thoughts on a multitude of sustainability issues, all from a student voice.

If you would like to join our team or have your writing published on our site, we’d love to hear from you – apply to join our team at www.globuswarwick.com/apply, or please feel free to contact the Editor-in-Chief at editor@globuswarwick.com.

What We Publish 

Currently, GLOBUS runs three article streams:

  • Our Discussion stream, which makes up the majority of our articles. Academically rigorous and thought provoking, these articles analyse and explore the important sustainability issues our world is facing, from the big challenges to the small problems. 
  • Our 60 Second Sustainability Stream, which we publish weekly. These articles are short, snappy and sharp; exploring the sustainability terms and issues you’ve probably heard of, but may not understand. Perfect for reading on your commute, these entertaining articles are equal parts informative and entertaining.
  • Our Sustainable Student Living Series, which is published amongst our other offerings. All of our team and most of our readers are students, so these more informal articles are filled with our tried and tested sustainable lifestyle tips and tricks.

We also regularly produce short term, themed series exploring a key idea. These can be found in our ‘Archive Series’ in the menu at the top of the website, as can our publishing from the GSD department modules and competitions.

Meet the Editorial Board

Tori Keene

Hi! I’m Tori, GLOBUS’ Editor-In-Chief. I’m passionate about making sustainability and it’s challenges accessible and relatable – whether that be exploring the story behind the clothes we wear, the food we eat or calling out the people making the sustainability decisions that affect us all. In my spare time, I run my own sustainable fashion blog, and can often be found hunting for ethical bargains in the charity shops of Leamington.

Lucy Jordan
Deputy Editor

Hi! I’m Lucy and I am GLOBUS’ Deputy Editor. Beyond the bubble of essays and deadlines, I am heavily involved with grassroots climate activism, campaigning regularly around issues of youth empowerment, gender equality, and conflicts of interest within climate policy. I also love to travel (sustainably), good music, and any chance to get out into nature.

Benedikt Loula
Assistant Editor

Hi! I’m Benedikt, an assistant editor at GLOBUS. I am that sort of person who can talk extensively about Kant’s categorical imperative, yet I find myself in trouble when it comes to tying my own shoelaces. I like to explore the unconventional aspects of sustainability such as its relation to aesthetics, psychology or even theology. You will often find me debating in the Philosophy common room, usually wearing funky socks or a turtleneck – my two most prized attributes.


Alicia Siddons
Assistant Editor

[On sabbatical until October 2020] Hi I’m Alicia, I’m an Assistant Editor and formerly head the wonderful team of writers here at GLOBUS. When I’m not correcting grammar, editing articles and frustrating Todd’s more pragmatic approach to economics with wilder, utopian dreams, I can occasionally be found in the library with a copy of Goethe or Keats.

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