WCNF: Workshops

To enable delegates to make a workshop selection, please find a brief description of each workshop below. Spaces in each workshop are limited so we are not able to guarantee you your preferences.

Sustainable Startups

Offered by Enactus Warwick, ‘Sustainable Startups’ will explore the role that small and new enterprises can play in encouraging bottom-up development of and innovation in sustainable practices and processes.

Systems Change

Convened by WCNF’s Operations Team, ‘Systems Change’ will explore how we relate to and interprete the large-scale, all-encompassing change necessary if we are to prevent dangerous levels of climate change.

Climate Denialism

Chaired by WCNF Founding President Todd Olive, in ‘Climate Denialism’ delegates will be invited to explore the diverse and sinister ways in which those opposed to climate action seek to distort and manipulate public and political sentiment to obstruct progressive climate action.

International Environmental Law

Brought to you by Dr Sam Adelman of Warwick Law, in this workshop delegates will be exposed to the high-level mechanisms in international agreements that govern global climate action – and will particularly consider how these mechanisms can be enforced.

Human Rights & Climate Change

Designed by Amnesty International and facilitated by Warwick Amnesty, this workshop will introduce delegates to the key interactions between human rights and climate change, particularly in international justice and inequality.

‘The Nudgeathon’

A flagship offering by the Warwick Behavioural Insights Team, ‘the Nudgeathon’ will explore how the principles of behavioural science can be used to encourage more sustainable behaviour.

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