WCNF Delegates Portal

Congratulations on being selected to participate in the inaugural Warwick Climate Negotiating Forum.

As a first step, please complete this form to confirm the following:

  • Receipt of the email confirming you have been allocated a place at the Forum;
  • That you are able to attend both the Opening Ceremony (6:30-9pm on October 25th) and the main Forum (8:45am-6pm on October 26th);
  • Your preferences regarding workshops.

Detailed instructions regarding the main Forum can be found inside your delegate pack, which can be downloaded for the delegation to which you have been assigned through the selection of links below. Please note that, while extensive efforts have been made to match your allocation to your expressed preferences, due to the complexity of trying to reconcile everyone’s preferences with their experiences, we may not have been able to provide you with your first choice delegation. Allocations will not be changed unless genuinely exceptional circumstances apply. If you believe this to be the case, please get in touch with the President directly at president@wcnf.co.uk.

Please find the finalised schedule for the Forum below:

To prepare yourself for the Forum, we recommend the following:

  1. Familiarise yourself extensively with the contents of your Delegate Pack, raising any questions with the appropriate contact (details are provided on the final page).
  2. Consider the nuance of your country’s position: what general attitude towards climate action does its population, and its politicians, have? What are its key industries and energy sources, and how do these relate to climate change? To what extent does it hold current historical responsibility for emissions? What strategies might it advocate, both in methodological (e.g. market- or regulation-based mechanisms) terms and in what scales and time frames? What wider contexts does your nation’s position sit within, in geopolitical and economic terms?
  3. To answer these questions and beyond, you will be required to undertake further research. We strongly recommend exploring at minimum the further reading resources that have been provided to you in the information pack, and strongly encourage you to undertake your own research beyond and around these topics.
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