APPLY: Warwick Climate Negotiating Forum



We are proud to open the call for our Back of House team for the Warwick Climate Negotiating Forum, the first of its kind at the University of Warwick. This is a fantastic opportunity to be involved in a groundbreaking simulation of the United Nation’s critical Conference of Parties negotiations, which have produced some of the best-known international climate agreements to date.

To find out more about the roles we’re offering, and to apply – read on!

Please note that all roles require commitment through to the middle of Term 1 next academic year, and therefore would not suit students in their final year or who will be on an intercalated year abroad or in industry.

Deadline for applications vary by role, so please take note of the dates in each description below

Operations Team (2)

The Operations Team presents a great opportunity for individuals to develop their organisational, communication, and teamworking skills. Working directly with the Vice President of the WCNF, it is the responsibility of the Operations Team to co-ordinate all activities of the Back of House Team: by co-ordinating meetings and bookings, working with other teams of the Forum to develop plans and timescales, to make sure that everything is ready for the forum, and that the forum itself runs smoothly.

Marketing Co-Ordinator (1)

Reporting directly to the President and Vice President of the WCNF, the Marketing Co-Ordinator has responsibility for ensuring that the Forum is enthusiastically and effectively promoted in all possible channels: through existing relationships with University Departments and other societies, and by using social media channels to their maximum effectiveness. With a Marketing Team to assist, the Marketing Co-Ordinator will take responsibility for co-ordinating the production of digital media assets, their use, and of publishing schedules and strategies for publicising the Forum itself and any recruitment activities that the Forum undertakes. This role requires creativity and an open mind to the ideas of the team, the marketing co-ordinator should always look for new ways to advertise and promote the forum.

Marketing Team (2)

The Marketing Team will work closely with its Co-Ordinator to produce engaging, exciting campaigns to best promote the WCNF and its mission – to engage students with and educate them about the processes behind negotiating the most important agreements off our time. As part of the Marketing Team, responsibilities will vary from producing media assets all the way through to planning, writing, and publishing marketing content, in a close-knit, dynamic team structure with a high level of responsibility.

Press Core (2)

The Press Core will function as a key asset of the WCNF team both before and after the Forum. With principal responsibility for filming and photography, the Press Core is a critical part of WCNF’s marketing strategy – enabling the team to produce high-quality, professional photography and cinematography to promote recruitment for the Forum’s teams and delegate panels, while playing an active role during the Forum to document events and engage delegates with on-the-move photography. The Press Core will also work closely with the Marketing Team to provide real-time, Forum-wide updates on breaking news.

Research Co-Ordinator (1)

The Research Co-Ordinator’s role is critical to both the preparation for and functioning of the WCNF. With responsibility for co-ordinating all members of the WCNF and GLOBUS teams working on the research and preparation of delegate country information packs, and for all real-time research required by the Front of House ‘Negotiation Aides’ team, the Research Co-Ordinator role presents a great opportunity for an individual to develop dynamic team management skills, holding themselves and others to high standards of finishing and editorial quality.

Packs Team (4)

The Packs Team is responsible for supporting delegates in the adoption of their roles. With principal responsibility for the preparation of delegate country information packs, the Packs Teams is an opportunity for inquisitive, detail-oriented individuals to know the circumstances of key stakeholder nations in the climate negotiation process, providing high-quality, succinct material to support delegates in thee adoption of their negotiating position. During the Forum, the Packs Team are also responsible for the obtaining and summarising of time-critical information requested by delegates during the negotiating process, presenting the opportunity for individuals to develop high-pressure dynamic thinking.

For any questions about any of the roles or responsibilities, or WCNF more generally, please get in touch with us at