Commemorating two years of publishing, ‘Tomorrow’ is a compilation of articles by GLOBUS correspondents on sustainability challenges. From architecture to climate denialism to overfishing, join us as we explore the problems of today – and the solutions of tomorrow.

‘Tomorrow’, by GLOBUS Warwick

‘Tomorrow’, written by GLOBUS Warwick, and designed, curated, edited by outgoing Editor in Chief Todd Olive, is now available to order at

Contributing authors: Todd Olive, Alicia Siddons, Gwendolyn Tan, Silia Tsigka, Braedie Atkins, Emily Dekker, Safiya Hassan, Mayu Suzuki, Lucy Jordan, Constance Frohly, Zafirah Kesington, Rheanna Mathurin, Aada Orava, Benedikt Loula, Ellie Church, Julie Boukobza, Angelo Balagtas, Finn Beckett-Hester, Anna Hardisty, Lucia Mollea, Emily Harros, Tori Keene, Daichi Yoshioka.

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