Beyond Petroleum? Inside the BP Archive

By Todd Olive, GLOBUS Editor in Chief The author would like to thank the BP Archive team for hosting us. Last term, GLOBUS expressed concern regarding the involvement of BP as a sponsor of a campus panel event hosted by Warwick PPE Society and run by ‘slow news’ startup Tortoise Media, arranged to consider the... Continue Reading →

Warwick, what is up with our culture?

Why is it so easy for us to declare what it is we are against and so much harder to act, collectively, on the values we want to uphold? Turning to climate change, our Commissioning Editor, Alicia Siddons, asks whether we can galvanise momentum on campus and build a community of respect, freedom and common welfare to stay with us long after we all graduate.

TEDxWarwick: Ending the plastic epidemic

By Vidushi Goyal TEDxWarwick is one of the largest student-led conferences in Europe that shares ideas worth spreading from people drawing from their personal experiences and inspiring anyone around them. MacRebur is a social enterprise launched by Toby McCartney working towards reducing plastic waste ending up in the ocean through an innovative idea which has... Continue Reading →

The Hult Prize

by Adina Frey Social enterprise has become almost a trend in the recent years, gaining more interest and momentum than ever before. What is often forgotten, however, is that it is us - ordinary, young people - standing behind these success stories of mini-enterprises. Callum Porter-Harris, co-founder of Mandala and finalist of Hult Prize 2015,... Continue Reading →

A Beautiful Accident

by Ming Yang Many people ask what Warwick means to me, and I see it as ‘a beautiful accident’. When I was applying to universities, I didn’t even consider Warwick at first. When I was waiting for offers, Warwick was not the one I wanted the most. When my UK student visa got rejected twice... Continue Reading →

Inside the Slate: Reclaiming “Our University”

by Esther Rzewski Since Friday the 2nd of December, the £5.3m Warwick Conference building has been occupied by students dissatisfied with the University, and demanding that the University complies with 3 key requests*. The location of the occupation reflects the students' desire to retake the University of Warwick, as this building was designed mostly for... Continue Reading →

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