Grassroots of Change

By GLOBUS Correspondent, Emily Harros Millions of frustrated commuters, 8600 politically active tractors, hundreds of absent school children, and one bewildered language assistant: the political climate in Berlin has been heating up – but to what end? In this day-in-the-life account, I record my encounters with civil disobedience in Germany’s capital, thereby questioning its impact on people’s everyday lives and its effectiveness in the... Continue Reading →

Inside the Slate: Reclaiming “Our University”

by Esther Rzewski Since Friday the 2nd of December, the £5.3m Warwick Conference building has been occupied by students dissatisfied with the University, and demanding that the University complies with 3 key requests*. The location of the occupation reflects the students' desire to retake the University of Warwick, as this building was designed mostly for... Continue Reading →

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