The Importance of Urban Planning

Integrating Urban Planning Studies into the Global Sustainable Development Paradigm By Finn Beckett-Hester, GLOBUS Correspondent As of 2007, 50% of the world’s population lived in urban areas (Hanlon, 2007). Currently, the proportion is 55%, and is expected to increase to a massive 68% by 2050 (UNDESA, 2018) as growth becomes increasingly concentrated in urban areas.... Continue Reading →

Reconciling the Population Crises

More babies for the economy, or fewer for the environment? By Aada Orava, GLOBUS Correspondent The bad news: the current size of the world population at over 7.5 billion combined with the growth rate of 1.16 is fundamentally unsustainable - the majority of studies that estimate the carrying capacity of the Earth place it at... Continue Reading →

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