TEDxWarwick: Ending the plastic epidemic

By Vidushi Goyal TEDxWarwick is one of the largest student-led conferences in Europe that shares ideas worth spreading from people drawing from their personal experiences and inspiring anyone around them. MacRebur is a social enterprise launched by Toby McCartney working towards reducing plastic waste ending up in the ocean through an innovative idea which has... Continue Reading →

Environmental Sustainability: The Debate

Note from the Editor Who are Warwick Blackout? If you find yourself asking that question, scroll on down to the end of this article, and watch our introductory interview with Blackout's co-coordinators for this academic year! If you missed the spirited political debate on environmental sustainability, organised by Warwick Blackout on the 1st of February,... Continue Reading →

A Message from the Mother of the Revolution

A Message from the ‘Mother of the Revolution’: Tawakkol Karman at the Warwick Economic Summit Tawakkol Karman brought real zeal, spirit and an infectious dynamism to the Warwick Economic Summit on February 2nd. The subsequent suspension of the Nobel Peace Prize winner from the Yemen Islamist party demonstrates how impactful this very university can be... Continue Reading →

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