“The Anthropocene”: Why all the fuss?

By Alicia Siddons, Commissioning Editor In 2000, Nobel winning chemist Paul J. Crutzen and marine science specialist Eugene F. Stoermer argued that human activity has left an indelible imprint on the Earth’s biosphere.  From deforestation to carbon emissions to the use of fertilizers and mechanised predation, humanity’s ecological footprint has had so great an impact,... Continue Reading →

Naomi Klein in Conversation

By Lucy Jordan, GLOBUS Assistant Editor The spell of neo-liberalism is coming to an end... People are beginning to no longer accept the things sold to them. Naomi Klein, prolific New York Times journalist and author of bestselling works including ‘This Changes Everything’, took to the stage in London’s Southbank to discuss everything from climate change and the Green New... Continue Reading →

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