‘Single-use’ and Sustainable Development

‘Single-use’ has been named Word of the Year in 2018. Why is the banning of ‘single-use’ plastics relevant to sustainable development? By James Rennie The following piece was chosen as the winning entry to the Warwick Global Sustainable Development Year 12 Essay Competition. Plastic – an essential product; one which we use every day, whether to carry... Continue Reading →

Dolphin deaths in the Aegean

 The 5th International Conference on Marine Mammal Protected Areas: desperate call for a marine preservation policy by Silia Tsigka, GLOBUS Correspondent The people and government of Greece have always been grieved by the misfortune finding marine mammals, like dolphins, washed up on the shores of Greek islands.  In previous years, up to two dolphins on average were reported dead for the two-month period... Continue Reading →

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