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A Colonial Carol: The Hypocritical Basis for Sustainable Development

“The west was built on racism” – Kehinde Andrews [1] A bold statement, but one that is completely necessary and valid in its assertion. As I will outline, not only is the West built on racism, it is sustained by the remnants of neo-colonialism and dependent on the pillaging of the African continent. Stemming from this ideal, I have identified

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Development and Divergence: The First and Third Worlds

How has the development of the First World shaped the underdevelopment of the Third? As the wealthiest 1% of the planet detains more resources than the rest of the World’s population, we are facing a record-high level of inequality today that correlates with mass-poverty and underdevelopment. The consequences of not using resources to their full socio-economic potential, according to Frank

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Where is the EU heading?

Where is the EU heading? An insight from the Warwick Economics Summit, with Mario Monti Have you ever wondered about the future of the EU post-Brexit referendum? What about how great leaders and politicians have addressed the matter? At the Warwick Economics Summit, delegates received a first-hand account by Mario Monti, former Prime Minister of Italy, of associated political activity

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