SB50: The Climate without Science

By Lucy Jordan, Deputy Editor We have now set a worrying precedent for scientific reports to come, sending the clear message that ‘science is negotiable, and only exists so long as we grant its existence’.Lucy Jordan Scorched by rising temperatures and oppressive humidity over the past few weeks, Europe has been plunged into a state... Continue Reading →

The Climate ‘Refugee’

The climate refugee - how might it come about? How might civil society and its institutions cope with the principle, and the reality? GLOBUS Correspondent Gwendolyn Tan seeks to address these questions, and more.

Where is the EU heading?

Where is the EU heading? An insight from the Warwick Economics Summit, with Mario Monti Have you ever wondered about the future of the EU post-Brexit referendum? What about how great leaders and politicians have addressed the matter? At the Warwick Economics Summit, delegates received a first-hand account by Mario Monti, former Prime Minister of... Continue Reading →

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