Sustainable Healthcare

Sustainable Healthcare Healthcare is acknowledged as a critical component of social stability in the developed world – and an obvious contributor to the sustainability agenda… and yet, we can’t agree the best way of provisioning it. In the UK, the National Health Service (NHS) is a unique system that provides free healthcare to citizens, publicly... Continue Reading →

Social Class in The Modern Day

Class - where does it hold a place? Is the idea still relevant or should it be relegated to the history books? GLOBUS Correspondent, Ana Lopez de Arenosa, sets out to investigate the impact class has on topics such as health and education in context of modern day society.

WES: Universal Basic Income

At the recent Warwick Economics Summit, Professor Guy Standing (co-founder of the Basic Income Earth Network) challenged the key merits of capitalism by discrediting the ‘free’ nature of free markets, questioning the extent to which property rights foster economic development, and criticising the current lack of incentive to protect common goods. Whilst not providing an... Continue Reading →

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