Considering Sustainability in the Fashion Industry

By Ilaria Ravazzolo, GLOBUS correspondant Why is sustainability in the fashion industry important to consider?   The fashion industry is one of the most polluting industries in the world – its contribution to climate change is greater than that of the shipping and aviation industries combined. The environmental issues associated with textile production range from the pollution of rivers with chemicals used in... Continue Reading →

Cotton- The Most Unsustainable Fibre?

By Ilaria Ravazzolo, GLOBUS Correspondent When talking about fashion, which materials would you name as being the most sustainable? There’s a good chance that the answer to this question is ‘cotton’. Cotton seems to be the perfect fibre because it’s cheap, natural and plentiful. However, what most of us don’t realise is that the production... Continue Reading →

Treading the murky waters of fast fashion

By Naomi Carter, GLOBUS Correspondent Boohoo have been getting a lot of press recently, and not only because they have just signed a £55 million deal to buy Debenhams. Since lockdown 1.0, shocking conditions in their Leicester factories have been revealed - failure to pay minimum wages, inadequate fire protection, lack of social distancing, unpaid overtime, and... Continue Reading →


By Virginia Thomas-Pickles, GLOBUS Correspondent Water is clearly an important resource. We need to drink freshwater to survive. We need freshwater for sanitation. We need freshwater for agriculture. All essential for life to continue, yet despite it being so important, water is continually over-exploited and polluted.  When thinking about water, you would be right to think that there is plenty... Continue Reading →

Fighting Fast Fashion

Event by the Head of Fashion Society and Head of Events at BorrowCup, both at the University of Monash, Australia Article by Issie Clifford, guest contributor Fighting fast fashion is an incredibly important contemporary issue that is given very little coverage. The fashion industry accounts for 10% of all global CO2 emissions. Social media has... Continue Reading →

Scrolling for Sustainability

Is our addiction to Instagram helping or harming the movement for a better world? By Tori Keene, GLOBUS Correspondent 1 billion people use Instagram every month, and 500 million of those users are on the app daily. Young people are particularly active on the app, with 71% of Instagram users globally under the age of... Continue Reading →

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