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Development and Divergence: The First and Third Worlds

How has the development of the First World shaped the underdevelopment of the Third? As the wealthiest 1% of the planet detains more resources than the rest of the World’s population, we are facing a record-high level of inequality today that correlates with mass-poverty and underdevelopment. The consequences of not using resources to their full socio-economic potential, according to Frank

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TEDxWarwick: A Warm Light for All Mankind

On Saturday 3rd March, TEDxWarwick held their tenth annual conference: this year, themed ‘Dare to Defy’. GLOBUS’ correspondents were invited to cover the event. This piece will comprise the first in a series commenting on the various presentations made by the conference’s prestigious speakers. We begin by considering the case for nuclear fusion as presented by Dr. Melanie Windridge, physicist and

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Paris’ Miasma: The Pollution Plan

Paris’ mayor, Anne Hidalgo, has an ambitious plan to drastically reduce the French capital’s air pollution and carbon footprint. France’s largest city, Paris, is one of the most polluted urban spaces in the country. It regularly experiences peaks in air pollution, often caused by specific weather patterns. Additionally, the city’s topography worsens the situation by trapping the air pollution inside

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