Facing Illegal Poaching: Supply and Governance

By Maya Suzuki, GLOBUS Correspondent An “astonishing number of pictures of dead elephants”, describes Thato Raphaka, permanent secretary of the Ministry of Environment, Natural Resources Conservation and Tourism (Leithead, 2019). Provoking, the evidence was taken in one of the last elephant sanctuaries in Africa, in northern Botswana. Eighty-eight carcasses of elephants, most of them with... Continue Reading →

TEDxWarwick: A Warm Light for All Mankind

On Saturday 3rd March, TEDxWarwick held their tenth annual conference: this year, themed ‘Dare to Defy’. GLOBUS’ correspondents were invited to cover the event. This piece will comprise the first in a series commenting on the various presentations made by the conference’s prestigious speakers. We begin by considering the case for nuclear fusion as presented by... Continue Reading →

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