Discussion Stream: Style Guide

The GLOBUS discussion stream is our largest category, under which most of our articles fall. They are academically rigorous, well formulated discussion pieces intended to explore a wide range of sustainability issues, and provoke thought and consideration amongst it’s readers.

Selection of Theme & Topic

  • We invite topics from as wide a range of fields as our writers seek to explore – with the requirement that they are linked to sustainability, in its many shapes and sizes.
  • We ask, however, that writers avoid using the platform to push a particular set of political or cultural views. For example, an opinion piece demonising the policies of the US’ Republican Party on solely immoral grounds is not something would accept for publication: a piece that explores the statements and policy impacts of the party is something we would.
  • We ask that if an author desires to include discussion of a particular group or movement – for example, the Warwick Climate Emergency Coalition – that the piece focuses on examining the sustainability issue that the group is designed to tackle, introducing the movement as ‘part of the solution’.

Authorial Voice & Academic Rigour

  • We encourage writers to write in a style that they are most comfortable writing in, and that is appropriate to the topic and message that they are attempting to convey – a range of styles covering all angles has been published to date in the GLOBUS discussion stream, from rigorous, formal academic analyses, to opinion editorials. 
  • The sole condition of this approach is that all articles are of sufficient academic rigour so as to maintain the high standards of journalism that we pride ourselves on – meaning that all opinions must be justified; facts, statistics, quotes, etc., should be appropriately referenced using hyperlinks for ease of access to the source material. To test whether something requires referencing, authors should ask themselves – “if someone challenged this point, does its accompanying explanation or reference stand up to scrutiny?”

Length & Detail

  • GLOBUS does not operate a minimum or maximum word count limit for our discussion stream, having published articles ranging from a few hundred words to several thousand.
  • Articles should be of sufficient length to explore in appropriate detail all of the issues that are raised, without excessive levels of detail or clarification, so as not to confuse the piece’s message.
  • If further development of concepts or arguments in the article is required, consider referencing others’ work on the specific topics involved, or – if the issue is of particular significance and relevance – discuss a multi-article series with the Editor-in-Chief.

Header image: Photo by Evan Dennis on Unsplash

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