Spring 2019: Our Climate Emergency

In January 2019, GLOBUS founded the Climate Emergency Coalition at the University of Warwick with Warwick Global Sustainable Development Society and the Warwick Climate Reality Campus Corps. In support, and to promote ‘PROJECT: Climate Emergency’, GLOBUS published a series exploring our Climate Emergency.

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Our Climate Emergency: A Tale of Three Doubts

GLOBUS Editor-in-Chief Todd Olive describes the history of climate change science and denial, outlining the three doubts employed by climate sceptics, deniers, and ‘realists’, to slow the environmentalist movement: questioning whether climate change exists, whether humanity is culpable, and whether there is anything that we can do about it.

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Our Climate Emergency: Project Fear?

GLOBUS Editor-in-Chief Todd Olive outlines the current state of global climate affairs, detailing predictions by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and the World Bank regarding the very serious danger to human and natural systems of leaving our climate emergency unchecked.

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Our Climate Emergency: Our Time is Now

GLOBUS Editor-in-Chief Todd Olive takes a look at our role in preventing our climate emergency, introducing a university-wide campaign by the Climate Emergency Coalition to encourage our university to embody and lead the change that we all need to be.

Our Climate Emergency: COP24 – Power vs Progress

GLOBUS Assistant Editor Lucy Jordan gives a first-hand account of the successes, and disappointments, of the Katowice Climate Conference.

The Climate ‘Refugee’

GLOBUS Correspondent Gwendolyn Tan explores the varied and controversial challenges inherent in the question of climate ‘refugees’.

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