Social Media Guide for Marketers

Step 1: Open Canva and identify which article to schedule

Go to the schedule here and check which article you will be scheduling. Bear in mind that it may not always be ordered by date. Open Canva and login using as the email and GLOBUS-2k17 as the password. Go to the ‘To-do’ folder on the left-hand side, and click ‘Edit’ on the blank design which corresponds to the article you need to schedule. Access information about the article by clicking ‘Add notes’ on the right-hand side directly above the blank canvas. The information should be displayed as follows:

URL on publication
Date and time of publication

Step 2: Find the header image corresponding to the article

Go to this link and find the header image which corresponds to the article information. Save the header image and upload it to Canva using the ‘Uploads’ tab.

Step 3: Create the Canva post

Go ahead and create! This is your chance to get creative and make something capturing. I recommend starting with a template, but try using the ‘Elements’ tab and see what tools are disposable to you in Canva. Rather than providing you with a rigorous style guide, I ask that you have a look through previous GLOBUS posts and get a feel for the GLOBUS style. Equally, the content of the article should be reflected in the style of the design: is it gloomy or celebratory? About the future or past? The only requirement except those in the following paragraph is that you should include the header image in some capacity.

Once you have a design which clearly includes the article title and author’s name, there are a couple of finishing touches you need to make. The GLOBUS logo always goes in the top-left hand corner at a size of 100×100, and ‘’ always goes in the top-right in the font Trocchi (automatically selected if you click ‘Add a subheading’ under ‘Text’), at size 18, and in a clearly readable colour (usually white or black).

If you’re happy with your design, move on to the next step.

Step 4: Download the design

Click ‘Download’ in the top-right and select ‘PNG’, saving the design to your computer.

Step 5: Schedule the post on Buffer

Open Buffer and login using as the email and GLOBUS-2k19/marketing! as the password. Click ‘What would you like to share?’ and write a caption for the post using the information provided in the Canva notes. At the end of the caption you should always write ‘Read more:’ followed by the URL on publication. Finally, upload your design and schedule the post on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram a short time after the article is due to be published.

Step 6: Keep the Canva tidy

Since the post is of course no longer ‘To-do’, remember to go back to Canva and move it to the ‘Done’ folder, as well as renaming the design, adding your first name in square brackets after the date, before the author’s name.

Header image: Photo by Kaleidico on Unsplash

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