Jeff Bezos’ Earth Fund: a viable solution to climate change or mere hypocrisy?

By Silia Tsigka, GLOBUS Correspondent In February 2020 Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos announced the commencement of the “Earth Fund”, to which he intended to donate an initial amount of 10 billion dollars, dedicated to causes relevant to combating climate change. In mid-November 2020, he announced the first beneficiaries of this fund, which include scientists, activists, and other institutions and organisations, making Bezos the biggest contributor to... Continue Reading →

How Podcasts Can Help Our Mental Health

By Virginia Thomas-Pickles, GLOBUS Correspondent 2020 was a difficult year, taking a huge toll on the mental health of so many people. Data published by the Office of National Statistics shows the British population felt increased anxiousness, reduced life satisfaction, and reduced happiness since the beginning of the pandemic when compared to pre-pandemic data.   This is especially true... Continue Reading →

The free-riders

by Catriona Heyworth, GLOBUS Correspondent Tax evasion, while prevalent in today’s society, is hugely unpopular among the general public (Scott 2014). The ethics of tax evasion is not particularly controversial, as most would agree that tax evasion is economically regressive, contributes to inequality by pulling needed funds out of government coffers, and creates other adverse... Continue Reading →

COVID debt – a Sustainable debt?

By Rex Chiu, GLOBUS Correspondent Since SARs-CoV-2 struck the UK in late February/ early March of 2020, the UK government has been forecasted to spend £280 billion pounds to support the nation’s businesses, jobs and the wider economy. While the furlough scheme in this spending package has won major applause for maintaining employment levels and has been adopted globally, the implications of this... Continue Reading →


By Laura Chevrot, GLOBUS Correspondent ‘Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité’: Freedom, Equality, Brotherhood. Three words that have served as a symbol of French values since the French Constitution of 1848. But to what extent does France serve these principles?  Controversy has recently been sparked in France over the passing of a bill designed to protect security officials... Continue Reading →

The E-Waste Problem: A Case Study of Apple

by Finn Beckett-Hester, GLOBUS Correspondent According to a UN report, electronic waste (e-waste) is the fastest growing form of domestic waste globally, with around 50 million metric tonnes being produced in 2019 alone, of which only 20% was recycled. This is environmentally and socially problematic. E-waste contains an array of toxic substances including lead, mercury,... Continue Reading →

A Guide To Sustainable Food Shopping

By Natalia Tronina, our GLOBUS Correspondent There were many things I was concerned about when coming to the University. Homesickness, work overload and shared bathroom - are just a few to mention. Never would I expect them to be overshadowed by the abundance of British plastics.  Now, I wonder what picture I brought in front of you. We hear every day about the bottles... Continue Reading →

oil on troubled water

By Katy Greco, Assistant Editor of GLOBUS It is an understatement to say the oil has changed the world; it has built economies, revolutionized travel and transformed production. But, it has also caused wars, health crises and environmental disasters. How can something be so powerful yet so problematic?    What actually is oil?!  Petroleum (AKA crude... Continue Reading →

Lies, sex and sustainability

By Francesca Killen, GLOBUS Correspondent A growing trend for Gen Z is sustainability. The food, energy, and overall lifestyles are increasingly sustainability focused . After eating avocado on toast and shopping for clothes in charity shops, it may seem as if we have done our bit – but what about porn? In 2019 alone, PornHub... Continue Reading →

Covid-19 and the digital divide

Written by Ubayd Khan, GLOBUS Correspondent The coronavirus pandemic has perpetuated a digital boom, especially in education. With the government previously encouraging people to work from home, students have had to learn from home as not to fall behind in their studies. However, with many educational institutions moving to teach online for the foreseeable future, what does this mean for people with an unstable internet... Continue Reading →

Formula One: The Race to Sustainability

By Sara Azeem, GLOBUS Correspondent Engines roaring. The smell of gasoline, burnt tires and engine smoke. These are the sensations that make the Formula 1 spectator experience unbelievable and worthwhile. Yet, of all the words that could be associated with the sport, “sustainable” would be the last to spring to mind. Not surprising given that it is a motorsport with over 20 races all over the... Continue Reading →

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