Programme: Editor Training

The Editor Training Programme is all about teaching its members how to work with writers to take initial working drafts, and turn them into the best possible output.

You’ll have already been exposed to part of this process as a writer, so the programme will seek to teach you the key questions to ask, and the key things to look for, to make the best out of any piece of writing.

For the duration of your involvement as a trainee, you’ll be ‘buddied’ with one of GLOBUS’ main editors, who’ll guide and assist you through the process. You will also be directly involved in editing articles in a live environment, working with correspondents and your buddy editor to fine-tune the content that GLOBUS publishes week-in, week-out; we’ll also make sure that you’re exposed to the relationship between the marketing team and the editors, so that you get as full a picture as possible.

It’s important to note that, as a Trainee Editor, you’ll still be expected to contribute to GLOBUS’ publishing programme – whether that be our standard programme, or the new ‘Sixty Second Sustainability’ programme – just as the rest of the Editorial Board do!

Specifically, the programme will consist of:

  • An initial group meeting, involving all the editors and members of the Training Programme, in which we’ll discuss key information and outcomes, address any questions you’ve got, and assign ‘buddies’
  • A session with your buddy editor to go over the fundamentals of our editing process, and to be briefed on specifics regarding what to do and when to do it
  • Regular contact with your buddy editor and others on the programme to discuss experiences and reflect on potential improvements to the process – this can consist of in-person meetings or digital contact
  • Involvement in GLOBUS’ new ‘Sixty Second Sustainability’ programme
  • Exposure to our decision-making process through Editorial Board discussions and, where appropriate, meetings

Note that this is only a minimum ‘what to expect’ – this is a learning curve for the Editorial Board, too, so we’ll develop and expand the offering as it becomes feasible to.

We’ll recognise your position and contribution on the GLOBUS website, alongside the rest of the Editorial Team, and you’ll be strongly considered for future positions on the Editorial Board as and when they become available.

Header image: Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

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