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Please note that the deadline for Stage 1 of the application process is 11:59pm on Saturday 16th November
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After two years in the role, our current Editor in Chief, Todd Olive, will be stepping down on January 29th 2020. As such, we would like to formally invite all non-finalist Global Sustainable Development & Liberal Arts students to apply to take up the role. We are also open to joint applications, provided that these are clearly indicated on the application form, including details for both applicants, and confirmed by email to the Editor in Chief at editor@globuswarwick.com. Joint applications may include a non-Global Sustainable Development or Liberal Arts student, provided that at least one student in the joint candidacy is from these degree backgrounds.

Before going in to more detail, we would like to emphasise that the Editor in Chief role is a directorial position; extensive experience in editing or leading for journal/magazine-style writing is not required, nor is the position primarily an editorial role. Please note, however, that some experience in editorial positions (or similar) is desirable.

The Editor in Chief position is a huge opportunity for a proactive, driven individual with a passion for sustainability to shape the future of a highly dynamic, rapidly-growing organisation with a strong reach well beyond the boundaries of our campus. As a journal, we pride ourselves on our extremely high journalistic standards and our diversity of perspectives and interests; beyond, we have strong relationships with societies and university groups in both staff and student circles, giving us the unique opportunity to be a part of promoting wider-scale systems change.

Over the course of the past two calendar years, we have grown fivefold in the size of our team, with our readership doubling more than four times over. We’ve launched a new stream of writing, a groundbreaking student forum, and led a university-wide campaign to recognise and act on the Climate Emergency – through which we’ve built relationships with Warwick SU and the National Union of Students, working with them to push through robust climate change policy. The Editor in Chief position offers the right applicant the chance to shape our priorities in the coming terms, developing new activities and programmes under our ethos of outreach and engagement.

What we’re looking for:

  • A proactive, driven individual
  • A demonstratable passion for sustainability
  • Some experience in editorial (or related) positions is desirable
  • Some experience leading organisations with specialised teams
  • A proven ability to work with and manage individuals with diverse passions, backgrounds, and skills
  • An ability to perform and to lead under time pressure, with attention to detail and the bigger picture
  • A good level of literacy and communication skills is essential

Please note that an experience working with domain and email administration, and content management systems (particularly WordPress), is desirable but in no way an essential or expected part of any application.

The Application Process

GLOBUS is unique among university student groups in that its Editorial Board is not elected by its members. As such, we will be operating a competitive application process consisting a number of stages. All decisions will be made jointly by the Editor in Chief and Deputy Editor. The process is as follows:

  1. Application
    This stage consists of an initial set of questions, to gather some critical information and to help us get to know you better. Please note that your responses to these questions will be used to help us differentiate your application.
    The deadline for completion of this stage of the application process is 11:59pm on Saturday 16th November.
  2. Article Pitches
    Writing is fundamental to GLOBUS’ mission, and represents our primary focus. Once you have submitted your application, you will have 24 hours (which commence at the time of submission) to submit to us an ‘article pitch’ for either our Discussion Stream or 60 Second Sustainability programmes. The pitch is to include a title, thesis, and paragraph plan. Note that you are not required to submit a completed draft article. For guidance, you can find our Style Guides here for the Discussion Stream, and here for 60 Second Sustainability.
    Please note that the above stage must be completed by 11:59pm on Sunday 17th November. Completed article pitches should be sent to editor@globuswarwick.com no later than this deadline.
  3. Interview
    If you are successful in the above stages, you will be invited to interview for the position. Interviews will take place on Thursday 21st and Friday 22nd November. As part of the interviews, you will be required to feedback on an article pitch and two drafts, which we will provide to you no later than 8pm on Monday 18th November along with further instructions.

Application Form

Deadline 11:59pm Saturday 16th November

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