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Peril In Ignorance: Climate Change – From ‘Realism’ to ‘Denial’

Editorial Note: GLOBUS, its Members, and where applicable its Guest Writers, fully support, where reasonable, and not in contravention of other conventions, or legal, ethical, or moral institutions, the expression of viewpoints opposed to that which might be construed as the ‘prevailing school of thought’. The author would like to thank Dr. Jessica Savage and Dr. Alastair Smith, Senior Teaching

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Vertical farming: The Next Big Thing?

Vertical farming is being hailed as a solution to the planet’s growing food shortage problem. Today, our planet has around 7 billion inhabitants. By 2050, that number is predicted to grow to close to 10 billion people. One argument in favour of developing this technique is that there are currently around 700 million individuals who suffer from undernourishment, although this

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A Sustainable Serenissima

A Sustainable Serenissima: Water, Fire, and the Future of Venice   A Preface from the Editor Degree programmes at Warwick, particularly in the School for Cross-Faculty Studies, are continually innovating, expanding, and evolving. A Sustainable Serenissima is an introduction to a new and upcoming module, centred on the study of Venice, offered by the School, written by the Module Convenor, Dr.

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The Hult Prize

by Adina Frey Social enterprise has become almost a trend in the recent years, gaining more interest and momentum than ever before. What is often forgotten, however, is that it is us – ordinary, young people – standing behind these success stories of mini-enterprises. Callum Porter-Harris, co-founder of Mandala and finalist of Hult Prize 2015, was born and raised in

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GLOBUS Summer Competition

by Esther Rzewski We are delighted to announce the winners of our first GLOBUS Summer competition. Thank you to everyone who participated and wrote articles based around Global Sustainable Development. They will all be published on our website, with a new one appearing every week! We were very impressed by the engagement and breadth of topics explored by the participants

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What it is like to Study in a Foreign Language

 by Camille François Many of you, prospective students who are not native in English, might wonder how hard it will be to study in a foreign language at Warwick, especially if you’ve never done it before. When I was looking at English universities, one of my main concerns was the language; Would I understand the course? Would I be able

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