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Happiness: Is there a price? (2/2)

In last week’s article I discussed the ways in which we have attempted to quantify happiness, through the prism of case studies such as Bhutan and its Gross National Happiness index. The study of wellbeing is thought to be relatively new, but the challenge of quantifying wellbeing has been something which economists, philosophers and psychologists have been attempting to solve

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Chinese Imperialism: A Knife in the Back of Sustainable Development

Bismarck remarked after the Berlin Conference of 1885 that “he who controls Africa will control Europe”. This chauvinistic war cry came to define the 19th and 20th Century ‘Scramble for Africa’, with European powers waging battle for imperial control over African nations. The flag bearer of this hypermasculine discourse, however, is decentralising from Europe: imperialism has assumed a new form.

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