The Climate ‘Refugee’

The climate refugee - how might it come about? How might civil society and its institutions cope with the principle, and the reality? GLOBUS Correspondent Gwendolyn Tan seeks to address these questions, and more.

Social Class in The Modern Day

Class - where does it hold a place? Is the idea still relevant or should it be relegated to the history books? GLOBUS Correspondent, Ana Lopez de Arenosa, sets out to investigate the impact class has on topics such as health and education in context of modern day society.

Warwick, what is up with our culture?

Why is it so easy for us to declare what it is we are against and so much harder to act, collectively, on the values we want to uphold? Turning to climate change, our Commissioning Editor, Alicia Siddons, asks whether we can galvanise momentum on campus and build a community of respect, freedom and common welfare to stay with us long after we all graduate.

Happiness: Is there a price? (2/2)

In last week’s article I discussed the ways in which we have attempted to quantify happiness, through the prism of case studies such as Bhutan and its Gross National Happiness index. The study of wellbeing is thought to be relatively new, but the challenge of quantifying wellbeing has been something which economists, philosophers and psychologists... Continue Reading →

Happiness: Is there a price? (1/2)

By Ana Lopez de Arenosa, GLOBUS Correspondent “Money can’t buy happiness” This is a statement we will all have heard many times, probably most often as a child, when the value of money was not as important during that period of your life as it has come to be now. Yet the validity of this... Continue Reading →

Voluntourism: Help or Hindrance?

Co-Authored by Ellie Church, GLOBUS Correspondentand Sara Shiraaz, Guest Author A Case Study from Nepal Ghandi once said that “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others;” and it is often suggested that, by helping others, we help ourselves. In the current capitalist, money driven and quasi-isolationist global... Continue Reading →

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