GDP: Time For an Upgrade

By Kira Bradley, GLOBUS Correspondent. Gross domestic product (GDP) is the measure used to determine economic progress and growth. Governments use GDP to monitor their rates of consumption, investment and government spending. This proxy is important for many economists and government officials, as it is said to measure the size and health of an economy, and can be used... Continue Reading →

Sustainable Healthcare

Sustainable Healthcare Healthcare is acknowledged as a critical component of social stability in the developed world – and an obvious contributor to the sustainability agenda… and yet, we can’t agree the best way of provisioning it. In the UK, the National Health Service (NHS) is a unique system that provides free healthcare to citizens, publicly... Continue Reading →

Welfare Markets? A Thing Of The Near Future…

By Lois Gilhooly, GLOBUS Correspondent Our public services in the UK have undergone some huge transformative changes over the past century. From being virtually non-existent pre-1945, to the birth of the NHS post-1945 and the complete erasure of the voluntary and private sector. But, by the 1980’s, things began to change; institutions in the public... Continue Reading →

Smart Growth: Commuting and the Urban Sprawl

By Finn Beckett-Hester, GLOBUS Correspondent In many nations, commuting is an indispensable part of life for many. Having spent a year in the bustling city of Hong Kong, the benefits of an efficient and highly accessible public transportation system have only become more evident to me. However, transportation is the second biggest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions... Continue Reading →

Factory Schools: Schooling Without Education

By Jack Bara, GLOBUS Correspondent A fundamental aspect of development is education, both in one’s personal growth, as well as the progression of society. Many individuals and cultures even revere it. However, in such an abstract form, education is vulnerable to never get questioned, nor thoroughly critiqued. This can lead to ‘modern’ schooling becoming restrictive... Continue Reading →

Power to Permaculture

By Kira Bradley, GLOBUS Correspondent It is predicted that we are currently consuming 50% more resources than our earth can sustain (Watt, 2015). Yet, there are still many around the world deprived of their basic necessities, such as food and clean water. With such figures predicted to only worsen with the onset of the impacts... Continue Reading →

Liberal Education for Sustainaility

Benefits and Limitations of Utilising Liberal Education (LE) to Promote Sustainability Ideology in UK Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) A Research Paper by Ceara Webster UNESCO (2016) Graphic 1: The Whole-School Approach to Climate Change. [Graphic] In: Gibb, N. (2016) Getting climate-ready: a guide for schools on climate action. Online: Available at, p.3. This discussion... Continue Reading →

Mind Games

Why do people engage with environmentally damaging behaviours in full knowledge of the consequences? By Tori Keene, Assistant Editor To quote Greta Thunberg, ‘our house is on fire’. Our house being the Earth, and the fire being environmental destruction continually wreaking havoc with our planet - be that air pollution, increased temperatures or the endless... Continue Reading →

Mati Wildfires: One Year On

By GLOBUS Correspondent, Silia Tsigka Prompted by the recent wildfires in the Amazon rainforest, I came to realize not only the magnitude of the environmental damage it created, but also that the latter represents only a part of the problem. Within such cases, it is important that one considers the role of governance. In other words,... Continue Reading →

An Introduction to Guerrilla Gardening

By GLOBUS Correspondent, Gwendolyn Tan This is the second piece within GLOBUS' new series 'Sixty-Second Sustainability'. Within this piece, GLOBUS Correspondent Gwendolyn Tan provides insight on the phenomena 'guerrilla gardening', and all the benefits this grassroots movement helps to sow. “Let’s fight the filth with forks and flowers”Richard Reynolds, Guerrilla Gardener This story did not... Continue Reading →

‘Single-use’ and Sustainable Development

‘Single-use’ has been named Word of the Year in 2018. Why is the banning of ‘single-use’ plastics relevant to sustainable development? By James Rennie The following piece was chosen as the winning entry to the Warwick Global Sustainable Development Year 12 Essay Competition. Plastic – an essential product; one which we use every day, whether to carry... Continue Reading →

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