Africa’s Overfishing Epidemic

By Safiya Hassan, GLOBUS Correspondent Fishing has quickly become one of Africa’s fastest growing industries, with fisheries found to contribute $24 billion directly to the continent’s economy, accounting for 1.1% of total African GDP. The growth in demand is thought to be spearheaded by China’s trade expansion, in its quest to feed its ever-growing population. However, this has... Continue Reading →

 Flygskam: new standard or temporary phenomenon?

By Julie Boukobza, GLOBUS Correspondent 'Flygskam' or 'flight shame': difficult to pronounce, but a concept which is gaining ground. “Flygskam” is an environmental movement founded in Sweden which discourages people from travelling by airplane, favouring less polluting modes of transport. It is difficult to date precisely the beginning of this movement, but Greta Thunberg, the... Continue Reading →

An Introduction to Guerrilla Gardening

By GLOBUS Correspondent, Gwendolyn Tan This is the second piece within GLOBUS' new series 'Sixty-Second Sustainability'. Within this piece, GLOBUS Correspondent Gwendolyn Tan provides insight on the phenomena 'guerrilla gardening', and all the benefits this grassroots movement helps to sow. “Let’s fight the filth with forks and flowers”Richard Reynolds, Guerrilla Gardener This story did not... Continue Reading →

Extinction Rebellion

By Tori Keene, Assistant Editor In her first article as GLOBUS Assistant Editor, Tori Keene kicks off a new series at GLOBUS: Sixty Second Sustainability - bringing our readers snappy and informative writing without compromising our high editorial standards. Installing a pink boat in Oxford Circus, living in trees in Parliament Square, carrying a coffin... Continue Reading →

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