Cafe Democracy

On how is democracy "fostered" by coffee shopsBy Benedikt Loula, GLOBUS Assistant Editor "Liberty will roll all the tyrants of the universe in the dust" reads one of the catchy slogans of the French Revolution. We, who are fortunate enough to breathe the air of freedom, can agree that trying to compress the general idea... Continue Reading →

US 2020 Election: How will the climate fair under a Biden-Harris presidency?

By Lucy Jordan, GLOBUS Deputy Editor At the dawn of the new decade, the stage was being readied for the 2020 US Presidential Election to set a different kind of precedent. The race was to be a first of its kind in US history: a climate election. Despite Trump’s administration having rolled back American environmental protections to near-skeletal form, as of 2020, two-thirds of the American electorate were... Continue Reading →

the covid 19 pandemic and female leadership

By Angelo Balagtas, GLOBUS Correspondent Since the outbreak of the Covid-19 (AKA Coronavirus) Pandemic, an article written by Supriya Garikipati and Uma Kambhampati has​ sparked a debate regarding the relationship between gender, leadership and the containment of covid: That is - as the article is titled - ‘Does Gender ‘Really’ Matter’ when it comes to... Continue Reading →

Heated Debates or a Second Cold War?

By Agnes Lidbrink, GLOBUS Contributor Here at GLOBUS, we’re lucky to be in close collaboration with both academics and students from the Global Sustainable Development Department. It is therefore with much excitement that we are publishing a series of selected pieces from GSD’s 3rd Year module: ‘The Energy Trilemma’, convened by Dr Morakinyo Adetutu. The... Continue Reading →

The Winds of Hope

By Benedikt Loula, GLOBUS Assistant Editor Here at GLOBUS, we openly advocate for innovative solutions intended to uphold the principle of sustainability. Although determination is a key ingredient in bringing about green reforms, the other indispensable factor is effectiveness. And where else can we, as students, be more effective than in our own environments? Our... Continue Reading →

Grassroots of Change

By GLOBUS Correspondent, Emily Harros Millions of frustrated commuters, 8600 politically active tractors, hundreds of absent school children, and one bewildered language assistant: the political climate in Berlin has been heating up – but to what end? In this day-in-the-life account, I record my encounters with civil disobedience in Germany’s capital, thereby questioning its impact on people’s everyday lives and its effectiveness in the... Continue Reading →

COP25 Madrid: What happened and Key Takeaways

By Lucy Jordan, GLOBUS Deputy Editor From the start, COP25 was imbued in conflict. Originally set to take place in the Chilean capital, Santiago, President Sebastián Piñera was forced to cancel the conference due to outbursts of violent civil unrest. As a result, Spain took up the challenge of hosting the event, mere months ahead of its commencement. This meant that yet again the event was yielded... Continue Reading →

Health, Safety, and Dignity: Why Toilets Matter

By Julie Boukobza Deau, GLOBUS Correspondent “Sanitation is more important than independence,” said Mahatma Gandhi in 1947 during one of his non-violent protests against the British rule. Already decades ago, Gandhi was aware of the fact that basic sanitation takes precedence in the normative realm of human rights. Seventy years later, access to proper sanitation... Continue Reading →

Welfare Markets? A Thing Of The Near Future…

By Lois Gilhooly, GLOBUS Correspondent Our public services in the UK have undergone some huge transformative changes over the past century. From being virtually non-existent pre-1945, to the birth of the NHS post-1945 and the complete erasure of the voluntary and private sector. But, by the 1980’s, things began to change; institutions in the public... Continue Reading →

Disaster Down Under: Australia’s Climate Inaction

Written by Braedie Atkins, GLOBUS Correspondent Recently, it has become difficult to ignore Australia’s distinct lack of commitment in regards to tackling climate change. During the most recent United Nations Climate Change conference, COP25, in Madrid, Australia was found to be lobbying to carry its credits across from the Kyoto Protocol, to contribute to its emission reduction targets for 2030... Continue Reading →

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