Degrowth: letting go of our desire for development

By Eszter Vlasits, GLOBUS Correspondent The ideas of mainstream sustainable development question several fundamental things about our world: the uneven distribution of wealth and opportunities, the way we exploit our environment, and the unsustainable structures of industry and society. But they leave one thing unquestioned: the absolute necessity and prioritization of development. The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)... Continue Reading →

The free-riders

by Catriona Heyworth, GLOBUS Correspondent Tax evasion, while prevalent in today’s society, is hugely unpopular among the general public (Scott 2014). The ethics of tax evasion is not particularly controversial, as most would agree that tax evasion is economically regressive, contributes to inequality by pulling needed funds out of government coffers, and creates other adverse... Continue Reading →

COVID debt – a Sustainable debt?

By Rex Chiu, GLOBUS Correspondent Since SARs-CoV-2 struck the UK in late February/ early March of 2020, the UK government has been forecasted to spend £280 billion pounds to support the nation’s businesses, jobs and the wider economy. While the furlough scheme in this spending package has won major applause for maintaining employment levels and has been adopted globally, the implications of this... Continue Reading →


By Laura Chevrot, GLOBUS Correspondent ‘Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité’: Freedom, Equality, Brotherhood. Three words that have served as a symbol of French values since the French Constitution of 1848. But to what extent does France serve these principles?  Controversy has recently been sparked in France over the passing of a bill designed to protect security officials... Continue Reading →

Lies, sex and sustainability

By Francesca Killen, GLOBUS Correspondent A growing trend for Gen Z is sustainability. The food, energy, and overall lifestyles are increasingly sustainability focused . After eating avocado on toast and shopping for clothes in charity shops, it may seem as if we have done our bit – but what about porn? In 2019 alone, PornHub... Continue Reading →

Murders of social activists in Colombia: a violation of human rights and a threat to sustainable development

By Silia Tsigka, GLOBUS Correspondent At the beginning of October, there were 263 confirmed murder cases this year of humanitarian, environmental and social activists, by Colombian death squads. Such a violation of human rights reached its peak during the outbreak of the coronavirus in March; however, the situation did not improve, and the mainstream media found themselves covering the issue once more in October. Nevertheless, the murdering of innocent activists and protesters is not something new and in order to... Continue Reading →

“Modernization of Environmental legislation” bill: A Dangerous Race To The Bottom

By Silia Tsigka, GLOBUS Correspondent One of the positive outcomes of the coronavirus pandemic has certainly been the decreased impact of human activity on the environment. With the slowdown of the global markets, the carbon emissions have significantly decreased, and even certain aquatic ecosystems have shown signs of gradual restoration. However, such a slowdown of the economy always comes at a price. The... Continue Reading →

Cafe Democracy

On how is democracy "fostered" by coffee shopsBy Benedikt Loula, GLOBUS Assistant Editor "Liberty will roll all the tyrants of the universe in the dust" reads one of the catchy slogans of the French Revolution. We, who are fortunate enough to breathe the air of freedom, can agree that trying to compress the general idea... Continue Reading →

US 2020 Election: How will the climate fair under a Biden-Harris presidency?

By Lucy Jordan, GLOBUS Deputy Editor At the dawn of the new decade, the stage was being readied for the 2020 US Presidential Election to set a different kind of precedent. The race was to be a first of its kind in US history: a climate election. Despite Trump’s administration having rolled back American environmental protections to near-skeletal form, as of 2020, two-thirds of the American electorate were... Continue Reading →

the covid 19 pandemic and female leadership

By Angelo Balagtas, GLOBUS Correspondent Since the outbreak of the Covid-19 (AKA Coronavirus) Pandemic, an article written by Supriya Garikipati and Uma Kambhampati has​ sparked a debate regarding the relationship between gender, leadership and the containment of covid: That is - as the article is titled - ‘Does Gender ‘Really’ Matter’ when it comes to... Continue Reading →

Heated Debates or a Second Cold War?

By Agnes Lidbrink, GLOBUS Contributor Here at GLOBUS, we’re lucky to be in close collaboration with both academics and students from the Global Sustainable Development Department. It is therefore with much excitement that we are publishing a series of selected pieces from GSD’s 3rd Year module: ‘The Energy Trilemma’, convened by Dr Morakinyo Adetutu. The... Continue Reading →

The Winds of Hope

By Benedikt Loula, GLOBUS Assistant Editor Here at GLOBUS, we openly advocate for innovative solutions intended to uphold the principle of sustainability. Although determination is a key ingredient in bringing about green reforms, the other indispensable factor is effectiveness. And where else can we, as students, be more effective than in our own environments? Our... Continue Reading →

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