Flygskam: new standard or temporary phenomenon?

By Julie Boukobza, GLOBUS Correspondent 'Flygskam' or 'flight shame': difficult to pronounce, but a concept which is gaining ground. “Flygskam” is an environmental movement founded in Sweden which discourages people from travelling by airplane, favouring less polluting modes of transport. It is difficult to date precisely the beginning of this movement, but Greta Thunberg, the... Continue Reading →

Fighting Fast Fashion

Event by the Head of Fashion Society and Head of Events at BorrowCup, both at the University of Monash, Australia Article by Issie Clifford, guest contributor Fighting fast fashion is an incredibly important contemporary issue that is given very little coverage. The fashion industry accounts for 10% of all global CO2 emissions. Social media has... Continue Reading →

Behavioural Nudging and Meat-Heavy Diets

Using behavioral nudges (labeling) in order to shift UK consumer preferences away from ruminant-heavy diets By Joel Ramlill This piece is the first of a series of assessment submissions from Warwick Economics' Introduction to Environmental Economics module for first-year students. Executive Summary Food production is a major factor of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions with just... Continue Reading →

Diverting Our Flight Path

By Anna Hardisty, GLOBUS Correspondent In the midst of crammed revision, packed studying and substantial doses of procrastination, many of us will be motivating ourselves with thoughts of the warm light at the end of the tunnel. Summer. As you may have discovered, Warwick is not a renowned hot, sunny destination and if rays are... Continue Reading →

Scrolling for Sustainability

Is our addiction to Instagram helping or harming the movement for a better world? By Tori Keene, GLOBUS Correspondent 1 billion people use Instagram every month, and 500 million of those users are on the app daily. Young people are particularly active on the app, with 71% of Instagram users globally under the age of... Continue Reading →

The Fatal Means of Food’s Production

By Rheanna Mathurin, GLOBUS Correspondent Pesticides. GMO. Organic. These are few of the key words that can influence the decisions on the foods we consume. For most, this is in attempt to better understand the food we eat and, ultimately, what our bodies ingest. For others, however, it comes from a place of concern over... Continue Reading →

Making The Vegan Lifestyle Sustainable

Veganism is widely praised for its moral, environmental and sustainable principles - but, is it currently living up to these high expectations? GLOBUS Correspondent, Zafirah Kesington, questions how effective veganism truly is in its pursuit of a sustainable future.

Happiness: Is there a price? (2/2)

In last week’s article I discussed the ways in which we have attempted to quantify happiness, through the prism of case studies such as Bhutan and its Gross National Happiness index. The study of wellbeing is thought to be relatively new, but the challenge of quantifying wellbeing has been something which economists, philosophers and psychologists... Continue Reading →

Voluntourism: Help or Hindrance?

Co-Authored by Ellie Church, GLOBUS Correspondentand Sara Shiraaz, Guest Author A Case Study from Nepal Ghandi once said that “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others;” and it is often suggested that, by helping others, we help ourselves. In the current capitalist, money driven and quasi-isolationist global... Continue Reading →

TEDxWarwick: Self Hate to Self Love

Few sights are as inspiring as the coming together of a few hundred people to celebrate who they are and the way they look. “I am powerful. I am valuable. I am unique. I am strong. I am me,” they proclaimed in unison at the TEDxWarwick 2018 event. Body image activist, Harnaam Kaur, recounted her... Continue Reading →

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