Saving Grace: Entrepreneurial Economics for Climate Action

How can we reconcile economic theory and market systems with the climate emergency? By Todd Olive, GLOBUS Editor-in-Chief In the first of this series, this correspondent outlines the forgotten, and fundamental, assumption that underlies conventional neoliberal economic theory, and the functioning of modern-day markets: that finite environmental assets underlie every transaction made on our planet.... Continue Reading →

Diverting Our Flight Path

By Anna Hardisty, GLOBUS Correspondent In the midst of crammed revision, packed studying and substantial doses of procrastination, many of us will be motivating ourselves with thoughts of the warm light at the end of the tunnel. Summer. As you may have discovered, Warwick is not a renowned hot, sunny destination and if rays are... Continue Reading →

The Climate ‘Refugee’

The climate refugee - how might it come about? How might civil society and its institutions cope with the principle, and the reality? GLOBUS Correspondent Gwendolyn Tan seeks to address these questions, and more.

The American [Pipe] Dream

In the fourth piece of our "Energy Trilemma" series, Najma Ahmad's challenges the government's stance on shale gas, highlighting geographic, economic, environmental and social drawbacks that undermine the nation's commitment to sustainability. 

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