Heated Debates or a Second Cold War?

By Agnes Lidbrink, GLOBUS Contributor Here at GLOBUS, we’re lucky to be in close collaboration with both academics and students from the Global Sustainable Development Department. It is therefore with much excitement that we are publishing a series of selected pieces from GSD’s 3rd Year module: ‘The Energy Trilemma’, convened by Dr Morakinyo Adetutu. The... Continue Reading →

Covid-19: What must we learn?

By Naomi Harris, GLOBUS Correspondent  The spread of Coronavirus has changed every aspect of our daily lives. The destruction it has caused to individuals, families and friends has been devastating. In no way do I want to disregard that fundamental fact. COVID-19 has been one of humanity’s greatest trials, and no number of positives can outweigh... Continue Reading →

COP25 Madrid: What happened and Key Takeaways

By Lucy Jordan, GLOBUS Deputy Editor From the start, COP25 was imbued in conflict. Originally set to take place in the Chilean capital, Santiago, President Sebastián Piñera was forced to cancel the conference due to outbursts of violent civil unrest. As a result, Spain took up the challenge of hosting the event, mere months ahead of its commencement. This meant that yet again the event was yielded... Continue Reading →

Beyond Petroleum? Inside the BP Archive

By Todd Olive, GLOBUS Editor in Chief The author would like to thank the BP Archive team for hosting us. Last term, GLOBUS expressed concern regarding the involvement of BP as a sponsor of a campus panel event hosted by Warwick PPE Society and run by ‘slow news’ startup Tortoise Media, arranged to consider the... Continue Reading →

Bioenergy: Energy of the Future?

By Anna Hardisty, GLOBUS Correspondent The need for sustainable energy has never been greater. From the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement to the UK government’s declaration of a Climate Emergency, it has become evident that the world is moving to take action to combat climate change and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Of global greenhouse gas emissions,... Continue Reading →

Can Venice’s Climate Emergency be used as a Catalyst for Action?

By Globus Correspondent, Lucia Mollea Venice is regarded by many as a must-see. It's historic buildings, dreamy canals, and famous “gondole”, hand-driven boats, have made tourists contemplate the timeless beauty of the city for centuries. Unfortunately, in recent decades, Venice and its population have been increasingly suffering from the brutal effects of climate change, particularly sea-level rising, or... Continue Reading →

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