GLOBUS on Campus: 30th June, 2018

We hope that everyone who attended the Campus Visit Day for shortlisted entrants to the Global Sustainable Development Essay Competition had an enjoyable time, and found the experience informative and rewarding. Congratulations in particular to the competition’s winner and those who received a commendation.

As promised, we include below our leaflet in digital format, and links to some selected publications. To find out more or to explore more of our content, please explore our website – the Home, About Us and Latest Publications pages may prove useful to you!


Selected Publications

chris-li-182361-unsplashEconomics: Long Live the King?
By Todd Olive, GLOBUS Editor-in-Chief
With comment from Dr. Marta Guerriero (Senior Teaching Fellow, Global Sustainable Development; Economics specialist) and Dr. Leon Sealey-Huggins (Senior Teaching Fellow, Global Sustainable Development; Sociology specialist)
Photo: Chris Li on Unsplash [CC0 License]

Tree Hugger Cropped (3)
Words: The Vital Earth Energy
By Alicia Siddons, Commissioning Editor
Photo: Kyle Loftus on Unsplash [CC0 License]

fantasy-2995326Climate Change – The Individual’s Problem?
Parts I and II

By Euan Robb, Guest Writer
Photo: Kellepics on Pixabay [CC0 License]

urban smog caused by carsParis’ Miasma: The Pollution Plan
By Théodore Robin, GLOBUS International Correspondent
Photo: [CC0 License]