The Editor Training Programme is all about teaching individuals with an interest in editing how to work with writers to take initial working drafts and turn them into the best possible articles.The programme will seek to teach you the key questions to ask, and the key things to look for, and the skills required to edit any piece of writing to a high standard and thus able to be published on the GLOBUS site – although, of course, the skills are transferable!

This year, the editor training programme is taking place virtually during September 2020, and is open to any existing or prospective GLOBUS writer who would like to become an Editor for the next academic year, starting October 2021. However, we advise that writers entering their final year of study do not apply.

Specifically, the programme will consist of:

  • Week 1 – An introduction to editing. In this first session the fundamentals of editing will be discussed, giving you the necessary tools to edit your first article after the session has ended. This will be delivered in a lecture style. These skills will be put into practise with an article given to you to independently edit.
  • Week 2 – A one on one virtual meeting with an existing GLOBUS Editor, in which you will discuss the article you have edited over the previous week, and receive feedback on how to improve and sharpen your editing skills. You will then receive a more challenging article to have a go at editing!
  • Week 3 – A group meeting with all participants in the Editor training programme and with all existing editors, where common mistakes and mishaps will be discussed as a group. Two final articles will be assigned for independent editing.
  • Week 4 – A final one – on – one call with Editor in Chief Tori Keene, in which any final questions you have will be answered, alongside any further advise and skills in order to ensure you complete the programme feeling confident in your skills as an editor.

Note that this is only a minimum ‘what to expect’ – this is a learning curve for the Editorial Board, too, so we’ll develop and expand the offering as it becomes feasible to.

Completion of the programme will allow you to apply as an Editor for the upcoming academic year, starting in October 2020. If you would like to apply to the programme, please complete the form below by the 24th August 2020 by midday.




Header image: Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

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