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Got an interest in journalism or creative writing? Do you have a burning desire to discuss sustainable fashion? Politics, economics? Technology? Animal welfare? Biodiversity? Climate change? Human rights?

GLOBUS is the School for Cross-Faculty Studies’ online publication, providing a platform for students to debate and discuss anything and everything related to humanity’s future on our world – or, in other words, sustainability! GLOBUS is a huge opportunity to make a name for yourself, to leave a mark, make a difference. We welcome students from all departments, as long as they have an interest and passion for sustainability.

With opportunities to write about whatever sustainability issue interests you in a style and voice that represents who you are, GLOBUS has something for everyone, and we’d love to work with you

Our 3 Streams of Articles

Discussion Stream

Insightful, conscientious, and thought-provoking: our Discussion Stream is the core of our offering at GLOBUS. This Stream seeks out challenges and considers problems, discussing points of view, nuances, and solutions – all with a view to exploring and understanding the world around us.

Sixty Second Sustainability

Informative and entertaining, our Sixty Second Sustainability programme offers our correspondents the opportunity to engage with sustainability in a pithy, succinct style – bringing you the issues of the day and key concepts in an easily-digestible and snappy format.

Sustainable Student Living

Relatable and practical, our Sustainable Student Living series is filled with tips and tricks to help our readers live as sustainably as possible, as we know that maintaining a sustainable lifestyle is a challenge – even for the most committed among us. 

If you are interested in joining our writing team and becoming a GLOBUS Correspondent, please fill out the form below.




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