Cafe Democracy

On how is democracy "fostered" by coffee shopsBy Benedikt Loula, GLOBUS Assistant Editor "Liberty will roll all the tyrants of the universe in the dust" reads one of the catchy slogans of the French Revolution. We, who are fortunate enough to breathe the air of freedom, can agree that trying to compress the general idea... Continue Reading →

The Winds of Hope

By Benedikt Loula, GLOBUS Assistant Editor Here at GLOBUS, we openly advocate for innovative solutions intended to uphold the principle of sustainability. Although determination is a key ingredient in bringing about green reforms, the other indispensable factor is effectiveness. And where else can we, as students, be more effective than in our own environments? Our... Continue Reading →

A Call for the Preservation of Beauty

By Benedikt Loula, GLOBUS Assistant Editor And once again, poetry has been proven to be too good for this world.- Sir John Brannox When we advocate for sustainability, more often than not, we descend into practical arguments, be it in relation to our welfare, survival or simply economics. Although I sincerely applaud environmental attitudes and... Continue Reading →

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