Sustainable Student Living: Sport and Fitness

By Alicia Siddons, GLOBUS Assistant Editor “Two sheets of paper and a couple sprays are all you need”  Cleaning stations stocked with blue roll paper and disinfectant sprays are stationed in each section of the gym. I follow the advice, measure two sheets of paper, three sprays (because, you know, I’m being cautious) and I wander to the spin bike.... Continue Reading →

The morphological shift of the home in Covid-19

By Finn Beckett-Hester, GLOBUS Correspondent The 'home' is an unstable concept. Its visualisation differentiates greatly between the individual and societies and has been forcibly reconfigured and centralised by the Covid-19 pandemic due to lockdown measures. For many the home has become the centre for rest, work, and leisure coincidentally. For others it has become a... Continue Reading →

Warwick, what is up with our culture?

Why is it so easy for us to declare what it is we are against and so much harder to act, collectively, on the values we want to uphold? Turning to climate change, our Commissioning Editor, Alicia Siddons, asks whether we can galvanise momentum on campus and build a community of respect, freedom and common welfare to stay with us long after we all graduate.

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