Have you ever had something to say, but nowhere to say it?

A chip on the shoulder, with nothing to fill it?

Got an interest in journalism or creative writing? What about digital media or marketing? Web design? Outreach projects and student engagement?

Do you have a burning desire to discuss sustainable fashion? Politics, economics? Technology?

Animal welfare? Biodiversity? Climate change? Human rights?

What about working in a closely-knit, co-operative team environment, with a mission to raise awareness of some of the key issues of our and future times?

No matter how many of those questions you might have answered yes to, GLOBUS is here for you!

GLOBUS is the School for Cross-Faculty Studies’ online journal, providing a platform for students to debate and discuss anything and everything related to humanity’s future on our world – or, in other words, sustainability!

We cover all of the topics and skills listed above, and so much more. GLOBUS is a huge opportunity to make a name for yourself, to leave a mark, make a difference – and to have something to show when the end of those 3rd year modules comes around (sooner than you might think!). Since its launch, GLOBUS has covered topics ranging all the way from what it’s like to study abroad all the way through to the promising future of London’s most innovative green spaces, to name just two.

With opportunities in everything from writing through to digital media creation and running some exciting up-and-coming outreach projects in the community, GLOBUS has something for everyone, and we’d love to work with you. Collaborations with GSD staff (or those from other departments!) are very much welcome, and highly encouraged.

We are always looking for dedicated, passionate new team members to contribute to any and all areas of GLOBUS:

1. Writers: dedicated content-creators, seeking to create innovative, insightful commentary in any of our key content categories

2. Digital Media Gurus: looking to expand the frontiers of our content, dedicated to producing commentary in any and all forms of media that aren’t written articles

3. Marketeers: a cornerstone of GLOBUS’ mission, the Marketeers’ mission is to reach new audiences and raise GLOBUS’ profile in the community, in support of the work of the other teams

4. Tech & Design Wizards: GLOBUS is, fundamentally, an online publication; as such, our Tech & Design Wizards are dedicated to designing, creating and maintaining all of our online facilities, including the website

5. Outreach Angels: an important part of GLOBUS’ mission is to engage with the community, promoting knowledge of and engagement with all of our key themes; the brief of our Outreach Angels is to spearhead initiatives to engage with the community offline, through events and engagement projects

If you’d like to get involved on an irregular, or even one-time basis, we’d still love to hear from you!

If you’re already convinced and would like to get right on and join our us, you’re in the right place – our application form is below!

If you’re not yet sure or you’d like to know more (though we can’t imagine why!), please feel free to get in touch with us through our social media platforms (www.facebook.com/globuswarwick or www.twitter.com/GlobusWarwick), or at editor@globuswarwick.com, and we’ll do our absolute best to answer your questions.

We really look forward to working with you!

All the best