Sixty Second Sustainability: Style Guide

Our Sixty Second Sustainability programme offers our correspondents the chance to produce writing in the style of traditional journalism, producing informative, engaging, and entertaining articles above and beyond GLOBUS’ traditional Discussion Stream.

At a glance summary:

  • One dedicated publishing slot per week
  • Special marketing attention
  • Handled by a dedicated team of writers within the wider group of correspondents
  • Informative or entertaining in focus
  • Designed to be shorter than our ‘normal’ publications

Some examples of the style we’re seeking in this new Stream:

Please note: the examples offered by the Guardian are a little longer than we’re seeking with this new Stream

The best way to think about this new Stream is that its articles are designed to be things that:

  • People can read on the go – if you’re sat on the bus back to Leamington, would you rather read a 1300 word discursive item, or a 500-700 word (if that!) pithy item telling you about a specific issue
  • Appeal to a wider audience – some people are sadly simply not interested in our standard offering, as it might be too lengthy, too detailed, or not of a form that they’re into: most seek to analyse or discuss an issue in some way

As you might have guessed, newspapers/magazines offer good inspiration for the sort of style we’re looking to introduce. Think of this programme as offering more journalistic articles, as opposed to the more academic output we typically produce.

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