Broken Blue

By M. L. Lee, Guest Writer

Broken Blue

Cover me in blue,
Like you used to,
Life abundant, no corner unreached,
Each light ray streaming through,
Illuminating corals: 

Plankton fill my lungs,
Like you used to,
With oxygen,
Drifting through, life-givers, not one,
But thousands rise and fall,
                                                                                      with the sun.

Swim free alongside me,
Like you used to,
Wild and untamed,
Racing through,
The sea – 
No constraints, no one to please,
Just an endless ocean, all encompassing.

Hold our planet in your arms,
Like you used to,
A careful balance to buffer harm,
A carbon sink to swallow down,
A soothing voice, 

A soothing sound. 

Cover me in red,
If I lose you, 
Air depleted, no ocean unbreached, 
When life is far and few, 
Our fury floods the coastline –
Souls beached. 

Toxins fill my lungs, 
If I lose you, 
Seagrass outrun, 
Broken blue, depths a void, undone,
And shattered all and through,
                                                                                       with each one.

Cry out alongside me,
If I lose you,
Trapped and restrained, 
Walls to chew, 
Unfree – 
And chained, for all to see,
An unstoppable show, unstoppable crumbling.

Hold our future in your hands,
If you choose to,
Let it move you, cross the stream and sand,
An ocean’s cost with time unbound,
A drawing tide, 
Not lost, 
But found.

Header Image by: Ivan Bandura, via Unsplash

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