Getting to Know the GSD Department: GSD Offer Holder Days

by Anna Matrai

If you have ever wondered what course equips you with essential skills to be able to see the world from different perspectives and make critical judgements, then Global Sustainable Development is the one you were looking for.

There is no better chance to get an insight into university life and get to know the teaching staff than attending an Offer Holder Day organised by the School for Cross-faculty Studies at Warwick. Visiting the Department not only gives you confidence when putting GSD as your firm choice but also gives you a unique opportunity to experience the vibe of the campus first-hand.

In case you missed all GSD Offer Holder Days, and wonder what it was like, I made a quick summary for you.

Offer Holder Days’ presentations are usually held by senior members of the Department, alongside current GSD students who are keen on sharing their personal views with you. The presentation gives you all the necessary information about the course structure, academic work load and social life. It is followed by a general Q&A session and an informal discussion with either the teaching staff or the students.

Being an inter-disciplinary cohort, GSD students are incredibly curious about the world, and are actively engaged in both academic and social aspects of life Warwick University. Although, Global Sustainable Development is a complex course in a sense that you pursue another degree alongside, there is a strong sense of community, and all students have the chance to get to know each other through workshop discussions, or meetings in the common room. However, in case you have any concerns during your time at Warwick, you are always welcome to talk to your Personal Tutor, whom you are assigned to at the beginning of your studies.

The GSD Teaching Staff is not only highly committed giving the best learning experience but also incredibly approachable and friendly. They strongly encourage us to make the most of our studies and attend their office hours in case we want to discuss a topic in more detail.


All combined GSD Degrees are inter-connected and each partner department enables students to gain expertise in their fields as well. The reason for the joint-degree structure also supports cross-discipline analysis of problems, as students from different academic backgrounds are mixed together in seminars. Therefore, as a GSD student, the intellectual challenges will be intense, and you will need to manage your time effectively. In case you have any difficulties with doing so – which we all do at some point –  your Personal Tutor is always happy to talk to you or you can also attend an ‘Organising yourself and your time’ workshop run by Student Careers & Skills at Warwick.

The GSD Course Structure aims to develop and enhance your employability skills as you not only attend interactive lectures and group-work based workshops but also get the chance to obtain certificates demonstrating the skill sets which employers value the most (Digital Literacy, Sustainability Auditing, Professional Communication, Coaching Practice). In your 1st year you will be learning about different approaches to Sustainable Development (Economic, Social and Environmental Perspectives), and will also be taught through a group-based Mini Project which is supervised by academics. In your 2nd and 3rd year you will be focusing on modules which teach Warwick’s global research priorities from a problem-based approach, as well as research-led modules from Global Sustainable Development staff. You will also be required to write a co-supervised dissertation which represents the two sides of your joint degree. If you want to maximise your learning experience and Study Abroad, you can apply to Monash University in Melbourne and spend the 2nd and 3rd term of your 2nd year in Australia.

 In case you want to discover various opportunities waiting for you at Warwick, feel free to have a look at the Department’s website or attend one of the Open Days!

Photo Credits: Twitter @WarwickGSD

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