9 GSD Students Rate their Course – Part 4: La Crème de la Crème

 by Esther Rzewski

Welcome to the 4th part of my series about what 9 GSD students think of their course. Here I asked them what they liked about the course so far.  Let’s dive right in!

Q4) What’s your favorite part of the course? 

GSD & Business: “I love that we can all shape so many things around the course ourselves (e.g. GSD society) and get so involved because it’s so new.”

A new course means starting some things from scratch, like our GSD Society, but also having the teachers really value hearing your feedback and opinions about everything, which is cool.


GSD & Sociology: “Ermmmm I can’t say all of it, can I? It’s been so nice to be with people of similar interests and also enthusiastic!”

GSD & Economics: “The fact that everyone on the course is in the same mindset as me about how we need to do something to combat environmental degradation, so we can all work together to think about solutions.”

GSD & Psychology: “I have always been passionate about environmental issues, but it wasn’t before coming here and meeting everyone that I have really started to take action, talk about it and actually have discussions about it.”

Here it’s the interaction with people who are interested in the same things as you which is highlighted. Interestingly, the students mention environmental problems in particular, but the course does cover more than that (e.g.: social issues).


GSD & History: “I really like the Economic part of the course”

GSD & Theatre Studies: “I absolutely love the ‘Economic Principles’ module, I find it really engaging, and Marta is a great lecturer”

The prospect of studying economics can be a bit daunting if you’ve never done it before, but the teaching was so enjoyable that it was two students’ favourite bit! Well-done, Marta!  You can read more about the staff here.


GSD & Life Sciences: “I enjoyed writing the essay, because I got to research my personal interest – food security”

GSD & PAIS: “The diversity of subjects we study (one different each week for each module), so we have a broad understanding of what is GSD”

GSD & Philosophy: “My favourite bit so far is probably just learning about different issues within global sustainability. I also like how the GSDsoc are running socials.”

Some students just love the course content and assignments! You can also find GSDsoc on Facebook here.

There is only one more question to go after this one, but if you think this series was useful, or you enjoyed getting to know what some individual students think of GSD, do comment below or email us at globuswarwick@gmail.com with suggestions for other questions or topics you’d like covered, with “Student experience: topic titles” as the subject.

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