9 GSD Students Rate their Course – Part 2: How striking!

Welcome to the 2nd part of my interview with GSD students, where I asked 9 students (one from each joint-degree) to share their thoughts on how their course is going so far.

If I had to describe my GSD friends in one word, it would have to be “keen”. If I were allowed two words, it would be “super keen”.  Every student on the course is aware that the GSD joint degree BASc at Warwick is the only one of its kind in the UK today. All this makes us very aware that what we’re doing is special, and we like to talk about it.


My second question was trying to draw that feeling out of my interviewee.

Q2) Is there anything that particularly strikes you about the GSD course?

GSD & Business: “I like the fact that we are confronted with some area of Sustainable Development almost every minute of the day, however sometimes it can be frustrating. For example, my flat mates don’t think it’s important to recycle, because machines will separate our trash better anyway.”

GSD & Economics: “There are so many ways of looking at a sustainability issue, from all the perspectives of the joint courses. It makes me wonder how we will ever find a solution to unsustainable problems, one which will keep the entirety of society happy and save the environment at the same time. Although I guess that’s kind of the point of the course, so hopefully we’ll be able to come up with some solutions which might genuinely be viable.”

GSD & History: “The social part of the course is a bit tricky as it demands more focus and attention according to me.”

GSD & Life Sciences: “I generally enjoy all of GSD, but I partially look forward to Leon’s seminars, because they are so interactive and we have such good discussions.”

GSD & PAIS: “Nothing really strikes me. I like the courses in general, but there’s nothing I particularly like or dislike.”

GSD & Philosophy: “I like the lecture capture, because I can go back and listen again to get a clearer idea of the topics, philosophy doesn’t always have lecture capture which is a shame. I find the GSD topics each week very interesting and engaging with current events.”

GSD & Psychology: “I really enjoy the fact that our modules touch on so many different aspects of our society. Obviously, we are all interested in sustainability and I really enjoy having discussion with people from other joint degrees as we sometimes might look at the same issue from different perspectives, which I think is great! The way the course is constructed makes us become very open-minded global citizens.”

GSD & Sociology: “I love that we get a completely varied cohort, as well as the fact that we cover so many topics in economics, politics, sociology and history in one course in the first term alone”

GSD & Theatre Studies: “I love the ability to achieve the certificates and also the assessment process where we get to work together in group presentations rather than doing purely essays and exams.”

The answers put together sum up how special this course is:

  • It focuses on sustainability

  • It has a problem-based approach to learning

  • It’s a degree involving a lot of interaction with students from different disciplines

  • It’s a very topical degree

  • There are opportunities to achieve certificates

  • There is a lot of group work

And also how challenging:

  • Frustration that other people don’t care about sustainability

  • Sustainability problems are hard to tackle

  • It’s a challenging degree with difficult topics

  • The other side of your joint degree isn’t quite the same in terms of teaching, structure and resources

None of the 9 people I interviewed mentioned that the degree is a BASc (degree of Arts and Sciences), which I personally found quite special.

What strikes you when you look at this degree? Let me know by email at globuswarwick@gmail.com with the subject “GSD rate their course” or via our Facebook page or comment below.

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