Why Apply for a Cross-Faculty Degree at Warwick?

by Anna Matrai

The University of Warwick offers you various degree options you can pursue, but there is no doubt that Global Sustainable Development and Liberal Arts are the most diverse and exciting courses here. I would particularly encourage you to apply, if you are genuinely curious about the world itself and want to familiarise yourself with various fields of life. Both GSD and LA give you considerable freedom when choosing your modules, therefore you can study those subjects, which you are really passionate about.

This is my first term studying Economic Studies and Global Sustainable Development here, and I firmly believe that this course is one of the best ones at Warwick. I find it particularly interesting, because it pushes you to question your beliefs about the world, and by doing so you will find yourself having totally different views from those you had before. I believe that this is the best way possible to acquire knowledge and make a real difference. By studying Economics and GSD you will come across difficult questions to answer such as “How to promote economic growth which has less harmful impact on the environment?” or “Can inequality be reduced in a world of profit-maximisation?”. But this is the ‘beauty’ of this course, trying to find solutions to global problems and act.

If you have ever had concerns whether GSD or LA would be the right choice for you, have a look at our students’ recommendations created especially for you. I will guarantee that you will love the courses straightaway!


Doris Lau – Student of Sociology and GSD

‘The combination of Sociology with GSD is great, because most things related to Sociology, e.g. race, gender, class, will be touched upon in GSD. What’s more? These will be further discussed on how they affect a sustainable future! The degree not only gives you insights into Sociology, but also allow you to understand how solving social ills may build a better world! For Sociology, you don’t get to choose your optional modules in the first year. In your cores, you will be studying history of sociological thought and going through some data analysis in the first term. It may be challenging at the beginning, but once you go through all the readings, you will find them interesting and not as hard as you thought they would be! Still not sure? If you take a look at the UN Sustainable Development Goals and find them very intriguing, this course is made for you!’

Loren Eadie – Student of Liberal Arts

‘Liberal arts is a course that allows you to academically debate and explore subjects that you wouldn’t be taught in conventional learning environments. It is unique and authentic in that it teaches you how to solve problems as you would ‘in the real world’, with interdisciplinary ideas. It is an innovative new course that is rejecting traditional curriculums.’

Adrian Lawrence – Student of Liberal Arts

‘Liberal Arts is an incredibly intellectually stimulating degree. You are encouraged to challenge yourself and think in a way you haven’t before. The small student cohort makes the teaching feel more personal and allows for a greater sense of community within the year. I would highly recommend the course to anyone who does not yet want to specialise in just one area!’

Anonymous – Student of Business and GSD

‘The combination of GSD and Business is a unique one. It’s a combination that at times will challenge you, and at other times you will surprise you by how simple it can be. It will at times confront you with two completely opposite views and you may even surprise yourself. It’s a combination that challenges our society today, and it’s an important one. While Business can at times be very theory based, GSD is down to earth, both literally and metaphorically. The two courses weigh against each other and balance each other out. The combination of these two subjects pushes me to question ideas in business, as well as in GSD based on contents learned in the other course. This combination of subjects challenges our surroundings, be that a political aspect, an economic or social one. This course is perfect for anybody ready to question our businesses today and their approach to sustainability, as well as society’s views of sustainability as a whole.’

Lee Soosuk – Student of Economic Studies and GSD

 ‘I would recommend Economics and GSD because 1. I believe it is less stressful compared to other courses. 2. Learning a combined subject is more useful and interesting compared to other “pure” subjects. 3. By discussing stuff with fellow GSD students, you get a better understanding of the world and how to make it a better place. So, if you want to make the world a better place for the present and future generations, GSD is the course for you!’

Alexandra Elena Benta – Student of Politics and International Studies and GSD

‘I always knew I wanted to study something related to the world and its problems (don’t we all, somehow?), but I honestly applied for this course by accident, not really knowing what ‘GSD’ meant. Now I am sure it wasn’t an accident, and with the risk of seeming a bit cheesy, I would say it was meant to be. I now feel that being here is an immense opportunity for me to learn more about the world and how it works, about how I can contribute to solving its problems.

PAIS and GSD is a chance for you to find out how the big decisions are made, and how we could do that in a way that is sustainable, that will allow the future generations to have a life at least as good as ours. It’s about how we could make sure everyone lives a good life, feels safe and healthy, not disadvantaged because of their gender, ethnicity, race or income. This course is basically like taking driving lessons, but now you’re holding the steering wheel to humanity itself.

On our first day here, we were told “The world is broken and you are here to learn how to fix it”. These words are in the back of my head every day since then, inspiring and motivating me to do my best, because whatever you are studying together with Global Sustainable Development, ‘PAIS and GSD’, ‘Economics and GSD’, ‘History and GSD’ etc., you are not only doing it for yourself and your future, you are doing it for all of us!’

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